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April 28, 2009

God's Lawn 4-28-09

Feeling down and feeling out?
Feeling angry? Want to shout?
This morning at the crack of dawn
I saw my Fathers perfect lawn.

A perfect lawn that all could see,
but tell me this, how could it be -
when not a single blade of grass
could live up to perfections class?

As I view each single blade,
I know for certain God had made -
I feel, at times, so out of touch -
and do not measure up so much.

So often others seem remiss,
as they forget this blade exists.
In all these blades, it takes so many -
if I'm pulled, would it change any?

Notice ALL the blades imperfect?
If all were pulled I would expect,
that this whole perfect lawn of green
could soon become one ugly scene.

No one's perfect, make that clear -
here nor there nor any year -
but God had planned this all along -
for perfect lawn: imperfect throng.

So all lost souls can see His face,
I'll make His lawn a lusher place.
Through ALL life's storms I'll trust His ways
and in His lawn, I give Him praise!

So when I feel down and out,
I'll remember, there's no doubt -
that I'm not here for worldly gain.
So Lord, drench fully, me in rain.

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. What a wonderful poem Louis, Each of us are important and have a purpose. No, none of us are perfect. In my cartoon mind I see you out there...
    a little piece of grass with eyes. Praising God.
    I'm out there somewhere too. Wanting God's power and blessing. He's there taking care of His lawn. We are looking up at Him..Please shower us with your love, your grace, and your many blessings. ...I love it... Louis, You are a true blessing. ~ Susan

  2. I love looking at nature and seeing how God reflects in it. I find myself less critical and working harder to be better. Knowing I am only human and have been made in His reflection.

  3. The inebriating aroma of newly cut grass stimulated my noses as I gladly took a gander at my rich green lawn. Going The Extra Mile Lawn Care


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