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April 5, 2009

In His Hands 4-5-09

I just heard the tragic news
but I can't fit in your own shoes.
Some times I try to comfort some
but hugging you doesn't take you from
all of the heartache and all of the pain.
My words can't even begin to explain....

My stomach winds up in a giant knot
and after I leave I cry a lot.
When losing a friend that I hold dear
and having known them year after year,
I cry out "God, it just isn't fair"
and wonder often - does He not care?

Then I think, Matthew ten, twenty nine -
recalling the sparrow is not even mine.
God only knows (though worth half a cent)
its final day, its final descent.
For God is sovereign. It fits in His plans
that even the sparrow rests in His hands.

I know that I've made so many mistakes
and I can't feel all the pain and aches -
but God holds the answer, for He sent His Son
and knows of the burdens - as sin weighed a ton.
Our sins Jesus took. Our sins He forgave
and buried them all down deep in the cave.

I guess once again, He graced a few days
to share love together in our special ways.
Just sitting together with tears in our eyes,
helps us weather these very dark skies.
I stumble with thoughts. My words are a few -
but all I can say is - I love you....

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. Awwwww.. Louis did you lose a close Friend... Am so sorry dear... Take care and God Bless you,,, Patty


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