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December 16, 2021

The Smallest Ornament 12-16-21

I'm just a little ornament here hanging on the tree.
They put me in the very back and I can hardly see.

The wall is here right next to me and I don't have a view.
My paint has faded quite a bit and some has flaked off too.

So no, I'm not the prettiest, nor biggest one on here.
This big ol' tree does not need me and my last days are near.

This just might be the last time you will see my faded shine.
I'm just too old to show to you my obsolete design.

For days and weeks I'm stuck back here. The time goes by so slow.
I wish I was quite different - to have something to show.

I also have a crack or two but they are very small.
I wish I was the wiser so that I could hang, not fall.

My confidence would come back strong and courage would be mine!
I'd show them I could be the best. I'd show this big ol' pine!

But reflection in another ornament, I could see.
I saw my true unvarnished face and it was really me..

Decided I, to give all up. For it was time to quit.
My pity-party started as I childishly had a fit.

Just then I heard a tender voice. A child, I'm sure because,
the voice was of an angel. A girl of nine, she was.

She carefully had took me down and placed me in her hand.
At first, I was quite fearful but soon, I'd understand.

She set me on a table and she glued each little crack.
And then she took such special care to clean me front to back.

She painted me with special paints that made the glitter shine.
She made me look like I was new with such a grand design.

And then she placed me on the tree- but not next to the wall.
She placed me right in front where I could greet you, one and all. 

I felt like I had life anew and it sure gave me joy!
I smiled each time they looked at me- ev'ry girl and boy.

That little girl had loved me so and her, I can't repay.
Now too, I have that special love to show in ev'ry way.

Yes, Jesus does for you just what the girl had done for me.
He cleans you up, forgives your sins and makes you wholly free.

The next time you walk past a lovely, big ol' Christmas tree,
look for the smallest ornament ...and you might find it's me.

©2021 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

1 Corinthians 13:13

"But now faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

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