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December 29, 2013

Harmony 12-29-13

Each one of us is special here -
individually -
with 'whites' in a majority
and 'blacks', minority.
But melody is harmonized
if peacefulness draws near,
if individual respect
is faithful and sincere.

It's true, we've only known the shoes
that we have grown up in -
but oftentimes these thoughts we think
are ugliness and sin.
But beautiful, the music is,
if we can see it through,
if we can lift the fall-board up
and know what we must do.

Though some still try to group the white,
acknowledge not, the black -
and others try to group the black
to fill a money sack -
the moral of the story here
is not to follow these -
but rather the fine melody -
the music we can't see.

Now look at the piano keys.
Do you see black and white?
Yet beautiful the music is,
performed together right.
For God so loved this very world -
and everyone we see -
but yet created harmony -
as it was meant to be.

©2013 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


December 22, 2013

The Brightest Light 12-22-13

Community, they were as one,
the trimmings on the tree,
but boasted, of their beauty, all,
as each could plainly see.
The Christmas lights were arguing,
the red ones and the blue,
but then the green lights got involved,
the orange and yellow too.

Their vain ambitions drew the eye,
as others looked at them.
They craved it all and each had thought,
"I'm such a precious gem."
So all the lights and ornaments
with all the tinsel too,
continued with their arguments
on who was 'besting' who.

Then shaking all, a booming voice,
was heard from very top
and it had brought the bickering
to prompt and sudden stop.
Yes, way atop the Christmas tree
and higher than the rest,
this star had boasted he, by far,
was brightest and the best.

Crescendo'ed then, because of this
intimidating sight,
Applause arose for brilliant star-
indeed, the brightest light.
Contented they had seemed to be,
to look to such a thing,
but then the lowest, weakest light
saw something int'resting...

She yelled up through the branches, "Please!
Oh, this we must discuss!"
She said, "From here, I plainly see
a 'stand' is holding us."
Black pupils drooped in every eye
as low as they could go -
but all the rest were just too high
to see so far below.

And star, the farthest from the floor,
no, couldn't see from there,
so up on top of his own world
he glanced out in a glare,
"Are some of you believing her?
Why think you're going to fall?
Who shines the greatest in this room?
Trust me.  I'm over all!"

So then, in unison they sang,
in perfect harmony,
"We don't believe in anything
if it, we cannot see."
That saddened, then, the lowest light.
Again she tried to shout -
but all she did was flicker some -
and then, at last, burned out.

The 'stand' was doing all he could,
with all his muscled might -
but finally he lost his grip
to keep that tree upright.
So timbered it, the tree and all.
It fell so hard and far.
And all was shattered into bits
with bright and mighty star.

The moral of this story is:
Seek truth and do not fight.
Let others see you differently
within your little light.
Be humble.  Do not crave mere fame
when shining on this earth -
but glory, rather, give to God
and Jesus' precious birth.

Merry Christmas!

©2013 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


On who do we stand?

December 20, 2013

No Cookies From Grandma 12-20-13

No one was to blame but it wasn't the same
without fireplace or a flickering flame.
No stockings to see and no cider or tea,
not even a little ol' Christmas tree.

No raking the leaves, no lights strung on eves,
no lock on the handle to deter the thieves.
No wreath on the door and no presents galore,
no records on turntables played there before.

No mistletoe hung for the old and the young,
no cookies from grandma to sweeten the tongue.
No brownies were found nor was snow on the ground.
No lit decorations were scattered around.

No bell's ding-a-ling, no voice caroling-ing,
no joyous old hymns and no people out singing.
No bright, shiny wrapping, nobody was clapping
'cause one little child was tired and napping.

No pine needles fell but there sure was a smell,
yet everything happened as planned.  All was well.
Rejoice it.  Discuss, for it all was for us -
the wonderful birth of our savior, Jesus!

Merry Christmas!  Merry Christmas!

©2013 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


December 16, 2013

Christmas, In Silence 12-16-13

The house now is lifeless with rooms plain and bare.
Though silence is eerie, does anyone care?

Remember, I do, our tree sure looked good -
but corner's now empty where it had once stood.

I sat for awhile on the cool, dusty floor -
reflecting on failures.  Could I have done more?

I know I have no one - have no one to blame -
but with mom and dad gone, it isn't the same.

The cupboards are barren - and too, every shelf.
The emptiness here now resembles myself.

Time marches on by - like it's tethered to sin!
Oh, to have Christmas with fam'ly again!

Such colorful lights had once brightened this place -
but visions of mom now bring tears to my face.

Our hopes and our dreams seemed to lift spirits high,
but now with house vacant, tears come ...and don't die.

My steps sound so hollow and echo in rhyme -
but mock me out loud for the very last time.

Spend time with your parents.  Please figure out how -
to get all your work done and visit them now.
Sin separates us from the joys of creation.
Without Christmas day there's no hope of salvation!

So celebrate Christmas!  Do not be afraid!
Kneel humbly to Christ... who, in manger, once laid.
Kneel humbly to Christ...
Kneel humbly...
This world throws the wrapping - with big, greedy eyes
but Christmas, in stillness, is joyously wise.

Such great revelations do not shout with pride -
but rather reveal, through whispers, our Guide.

The house now is lifeless with rooms plain and bare.
Though silence is eerie, does anyone care?

©2013 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


December 14, 2013

Merry Christmas! 12-14-13

A privilege, my rights aren't.  They come straight from God.
I find it offensive, I find it quite odd -
I can't say "Christ Jesus" whom God did exalt?
If someone's offended, it isn't my fault.

I am not offended when someone tells me -
they worship to baal on their bended knee.
I say, "Merry Christmas!"  I say it out loud.
I dare someone tell me it isn't allowed.

So say, "Merry Christmas!" and say it to all -
yell it from rooftops but gently in mall -
for this is the season that we all take part.
Just say it sincerely and deep from your heart.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


December 12, 2013

Something Tugged Me 12-12-13

The stars sparkled brightly above frigid sky
and then something tugged me.  I didn't know why.

In fresh-fallen snow at the end of the day
were parallel tracks from a horse-driven sleigh -
which led down the road to the center of town.
I followed those tracks and I looked all around.

Nativity scenes were all scattered about,
but one seemed quite diff'rent.  It seemed to reach out.
And there, sure enough, the closer I trod,
I saw a few movements which seemed somewhat odd.

On one side, a lamb laid - on other, stood goat -
and Joseph and Mary were wearing a coat.
The babe was a doll and was there in between.
Yes, this was a living Nativity scene!

My eyes took this in as my thoughts had explored.
The "stable" was built out of painted cardboard.
And though it was made kind of flimsy and cheap,
the shepherds were there with the "baby" asleep.

The wise men held presents with paper and bow
as colorful lighting reflected off snow.
The cold was quite icy.  The dark dampened air
had frozen my cheeks as I tarried out there.

The genuine smiles on faces were real.
The spirit of Christmas was something to feel.
Then Mary's eyes twinkled - and with wink and nod,
she mouthed the words slowly, "Yes, the Son of God."

This Christ child would give of Himself and then die.
So question that came to me was...  How could I?
Oh, how could I love those who hated me so?
And how could I die for sins I didn't owe?

The stars sparkled brightly above frigid sky
and then something tugged me.  And now I know why.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


December 7, 2013

Tell Me Why 12-7-13

The lady... she was weeping.
It saddened me to see -
that she was drawn within herself
and just as sad as me.

I asked if she was hungry.
I asked if she was late.
I asked her if she had a home.
I asked her if she ate.

She shook her head at each of these
short questions that I asked.
I knew I had to help her though.
I knew this was my task.

I also knew I had no cash -
and all this made me sad.
For I was just as homeless too.
I lost the job I had.

To find a place for her to live
and put food on her shelf -
oh, how could I do just one thing -
when I can't help myself?

All I could do was wish her well.
I had no more to say.
My stomach soured and I wept 
as I had walked away.

Some children laughed and giggled with
their mother from a store.
Ignored, the old and lonely ones
that my heart bleeds out for.

And then I prayed.  Oh, how I prayed -
that time would hasten by.
It hurts the most at Christmas time.
Please, someone, tell me why.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November 29, 2013

Her Old Rocker 11-29-13

I quietly sat in her rocker -
a squeaky and rickety chair.
With paint almost gone, it had weathered -
but no, I did not even care.

The folks in the yard were all browsing.
The yard sale was going quite well.
As people were searching through items,
a man came and asked if I'd sell.

He asked if I'd sell her old rocker.
He asked me what I'd sell it for.
He gave a most generous offer -
then said he could pay a bit more.

I answered, "Her chair's not for sale.
My grandmother used it a lot.
She held me as we both rocked gently
right here in this very same spot.

I turned back the years to my childhood -
It seemed it was just yesterday.
Through planting and summer and harvest,
she whispered in music this way,

"I love you just like Jesus loves you.
I'll hold you as long as I live.
And if you have faith in me darling,
I promise to always forgive."

The man smiled sincerely and stated,
"I can't afford one quite like that.
Your rocker there surely is priceless."
He left with a tip of his hat.

I smiled yet my eyes became watered -
as visions of grandma came back.
She sat in this very same rocker -
when she had her last heart attack.

In Heaven she has a new rocker -
without all the paint worn away.
She holds a young child without mother
and whispers the very same way...

"She loves you just like Jesus loves you.
Regretting her choice, she'd relive.
But pray that she's trusting the Father -
He's faithful and sure to forgive."

I quietly sat in her rocker -
a squeaky and rickety chair.
With paint almost gone, it had weathered -
but no, I did not even care.

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November 26, 2013

I LOVE AMERICA! 11-26-13

I don't love America because of its free economy.
I don't love America because of its strong military.
I don't love America because of its great inventions.
I don't love America because we can worship freely.
I don't love America because I can get my free stuff.
I don't love America because we care for one another.
I don't love America because I can make a ton of money.
I don't love America because my political party is in power.
I don't love America because we protect our interests around the world.
I don't love America because over a million innocent babies are killed each year
& I don't love America because we've replaced them with illegals jumping our borders.

No, I LOVE AMERICA because "WE, THE PEOPLE" can be a
God fearing, people helping,
infant holding, child rearing,
moral raising, disabled curing,
humble praying, Bible reading,
Jesus trusting, history teaching,
fact checking, truth telling,
pastor preaching, gospel breathing,
hard working, earth-moving,
family loving, elderly caring,
honest speaking, respect keeping,
humble swearing, fair sentencing,
environment respecting, heaven searching,
government limiting, bureaucrat checking,
conservative spending, tax repealing,
federal limiting, priority budgeting,
rights protecting, liberty voting,
forward focusing, Constitution defending,
veteran supporting, enemy defeating,
flag waving, freedom fighting,
always standing, never caving,
sometimes talking, always walking,
ever seeking, promise keeping,
UNITED PEOPLE once again.
(if we, but will fight for it).
From black to white,
from deaf to dumb,

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November 25, 2013

Bounce Back Up! 11-25-13

Why do the people swiftly pass?
Do they not know they trample grass?
Pray tell me, is life ever fair
and really, does creation care?

Beneath the hidden sun at noon,
beneath the silent crescent moon,
beneath the dark and cloudy sky,
beneath it all, do we know why?

Beneath the laws and rampant crimes,
beneath the troubles of these times,
beneath the blizzards of all sins,
beneath the toil, God's work begins.

As with the sparrow in God's hand,
the truth of love will always stand.
And blessed with our Creator's touch,
our torment will not matter much.

Beneath the snow, beneath the sod,
beneath all things- we must trust God.
For God raised up His faithful One -
so don't forget His only Son.

Our prayers see answers all around
as snow starts melting from the ground.
In spring when ice is melted off,
the faithful stand to silence scoff.

One answer proves (though very small),
that God can save right through it all.
So should they stop and pause to pass
they'll find this single blade of grass.

For God created, God has made -
and faithful I, as single blade.
Forgive, I shall, their rushing on -
and bounce back up when trod upon.

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November 13, 2013

Taste God's Love Again! 11-13-13

Tall trees are swaying to and fro.
The stiffness of the breeze is such
that I can feel the frigid wind.
I try, but cannot see its touch.

My nose is nudged by autumn's breeze,
but what is really meant -
by fragrances that breezes send?
I try, but cannot see its scent.

There's rustling from some fallen leaves
that swirl around the ground.
They seem to try to speak to me.
I try, but cannot see their sound.

I savor flavor on my tongue,
that it not go to waste -
yet stomach yearns for sustenance.
I try, but cannot see its taste.

The feel or scent or sound or taste -
our eyes won't comprehend.
We, only by our eyes, believe.
On senses, we depend.

Accumulate, we do, so much.
We see the things we've stored.
We search all our possessions through.
We try, but cannot find the Lord.

If hands can't hold the truth of life,
if lungs can't breathe the thrill,
if ears can't hear His still small voice -
then taste our death, we will.

The purest blood may fill the vein
and freshest air, the lung -
but blind and dead we'll ever be -
if we but taste with tongue!

IF we touch only physical.
IF follow we, our nose.
IF hear we, only mortal words
we'll taste but earthly woes.

But feel, if we, the spiritual,
and peace can fill our lungs,
and truth can teach our selfish ears,
great joy can voice our tongues!

So feel it now - the Master's touch -
and breathe His blessings in -
and hear the music of God's grace -
and taste God's love again!

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Jeremiah 5:21 (NASB)
21 21 
‘Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people,
Who have eyes but do not see;
Who have ears but do not hear.

November 5, 2013

Tears Of Joy 11-5-13

I'd worked and sacrificed and slaved with neverending toil -
and planted many seeds of doubt in rich, organic soil.

The cultivated soil that I, had worked down deep within,
was fertilized with years of pain that nourished all my sin.

Then when the ground that I had worked had watered all my seeds -
astonishing, the lesson learned - that I had planted weeds.

Depressed, I was and feeling low.  This isn't what I'd planned.
Oh, why was I so tired of life?  I didn't understand.

I dug them up, the big and small - those sins that tore me up -
and then confessed them to my Lord - who overflowed my cup.

So now when weeds of doubt arise, my God and I destroy -
and He replants my seeds to life, while I cry tears of joy.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


October 11, 2013

Above My Bloody Fist 10-11-13

The waves would make, across the lake,
their way to other side.
I had a task, so I had asked
if I could hitch a ride.
"We are not fools.  We follow rules.
Just find a boat to rent."
So "No." they said, which turned me red,
in deep embarrassment.

The breezes blew.  I knew them too -
but could I fly away?
I know I'm old and not so bold -
and much too shy to say,
"Please do not fail to let me sail
up where the seabirds soar.
We'll get along.  I won't be long..."
then tried so, all the more.

In all the earth, have I no worth?
I wondered, "Was it true?"
I saw leaves dance and viewed my chance.
They seemed to beckon too...
But then they yelled, "Hey, duck your head -
for we are passing by!"
My eyes got red.  I bowed my head -
as tear came to my eye.

The places vast, the faces masked.
The people know me not.
And now today, I'm in their way -
Memories - all I've got.
To do what's right we had to fight.
There was no other way.
The heroes I had fought beside
had met their Lord that day.

With muddy gun, it was no fun -
not like a hand-held game.
The bombs were real and I could feel
the pain that always came.
There was a time when 'will' was mine
and I had much more hope.
It was a chore to take the shore
and scramble muddy slope.

The bullets flew, the booming grew -
when planted with a twist -
but colors loomed when wind resumed,
above my bloody fist.
Oh, how we fought!  The wounds we caught
as blood mixed with our sweat -
but showed the world when it unfurled,
the flag that we had set.

Though day has dawned, my friends are gone.
The waves march 'cross the lake.
Though friend or foe, no man can know
the liberties they take.
For if they knew what we went through
(where they were never sent) -
they'd not uproot, but would salute
our sacred monument.

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


October 6, 2013

Bridge, The 10-6-13

A hungry crow soars high above where wicked winds doth blow
to see if there will be some scraps of tasty food below.
Our train is flying down the tracks.  On 'hope' and 'change', we go.
The bridge between the mountain's out, (but no one's in-the-know).

We're asked, while on our merry way, to pay what others owe -
in premiums.  Obamacare, it's good for 'so and so'.
Will we be forced to pay for it?  Will they take all our dough?
And soon extinct - 'good healthcare' gone - a thing of long ago.

The engineer had parts delayed, attempting to forego
a sure disaster for his friends, while doctors are in woe.
They scatter from their practices as lines for healthcare show.
We ask, "Oh, please negotiate" -but engineer screams, "No!

"Just shut down everything we have, from seas to rivers' flow,
from monuments for veterans to where sequoias grow!
Then shut down everything we do - except still stomp the toes
of all who disagree with me and hosts of their talk shows!"

Exemptions paid off union shops but no, not "plumber Joe" -
who rides with all us passengers and sees that starving crow -
which soars the highest mountain tops - peers canyon floor below.
As train is flying down the tracks, what halts a big ego?

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Where's the incentive to be responsible- if it's acceptable to be irresponsible?
Where's the incentive to save money- if others are required to pay our bills?
Where's the incentive to love others- if it's all about loving ourselves?
Where's the incentive to help others- if it's just all about us?
A soul, once dead, is not always lost -
but a Nation, once lost, is forever dead.
Ask Rome.

September 27, 2013

Soft Crosses 9-27-13

I'm under the leaves of tall coconut trees,
(on trunks that are warped in a curve).
They rustle up high in the oft windy sky.
Enjoying the shade, I observe...

...the Heavens above that are filled so with love
and grace only God can bestow -
from free virgin birth for the people on earth.
I ask, "Have I failed Him so?"

Am I like the leaves that everyone sees,
that wave to and fro in the wind,
drawing attention as if I'm important?
Could that, my dear friends, be a sin?

His sheep, under wool, must be fully faithful -
not warped as the coconut trees.
How is it fitting if I am still sitting -
not helping the poor "least of these"?

How disconcerted am I that Christ suffered?
I hold my small cross close to me.
Genteel, I'm living, but what am I giving?
Are soft crosses not meant to be?

Oh, should I be stunned if my cross isn't cushioned?
I'm carefree- and comforts I seek!
Is love, au contraire, to this cross that I bear
as others are hungry and weak?

Our God sits above and He fills us with love.
We're blessed with His soft, gentle breeze -
on tropical islands with soft, idle hands,
enjoying a lifetime of ease.

I'm under the leaves of tall coconut trees,
(on trunks that are warped in a curve).
They rustle up high in the oft windy sky.
Enjoying the shade, I observe...

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Matthew 6:24 (KJV)
"No man can serve two masters:
for either he will hate the one, and love the other;
or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.
Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

September 24, 2013

Grandpa's Wisdom 9-24-13

Homer 1896-1991

Before the jets, before the planes,
before the cars and traffic lanes,
before genetics changed our corn,
before the IRS was even born,
before CD's and movie stars,
before the rover got to mars -
was born a man, a little tot,
who endured much, but learned a lot.

His life saw many swinging doors
including two hard world wars.
Depression great.  Its pain would gnaw -
and many other things he saw.

I knew him well and we were close.
At times he'd offer me a dose -
of wisdom gained along his way.
I'd listen close to what he'd say.

The years passed by as he grew old
but many truths he had foretold -
respect would lack, expensive gas...
It seems it all has came to pass.

Now, it's not hard to peer beyond
a lack of faithful family bond -
where babies know their father not -
and debt would bury quite a lot.

Where morals lack, great pain will be
and little things called bankruptcy -
yet we can wipe our whole slate clean
and make it so it's never seen.

But when amiss at what we're taught,
when our responsibilities are naught,
when we're in need of steak or ham
we'll ask for more from Uncle Sam.

It seems we do not want to pay
for all the things we have today -
nor want to ever pay, when due,
the moral debt we're going through.

But unlike others 'on the lamb’,
my grandpa was a faithful man -
who read his Bible inside-out
and knew what life was all about.

Oh, one day man will find it out,
(make no mistake and have no doubt),
after kings have misbehaved,
after money buys their slaves,
after parents kill and die,
after homeless babies cry,
after we've lived life our way -
and after death on judgement day.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Revelation 21:8 (KJV)

8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers,
and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars,
shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone:
which is the second death.

September 15, 2013

Morning Light 9-15-13

From ancient times, the church bells chimed
to open up our eyes,
with predawn light from Heaven's might,
to bold and brighter skies.

Above the crops and mountain tops
and score of evergreen -
this fleeting night sees hints of light -
though sun is not yet seen.

On baby blue an amber hue
now glows on fringe of clouds.
So few will glean this wondrous scene
throughout earth's massive crowds.

And here, in flaw, I stand in awe
as I stretch high my hands!
I want to touch - I do, so much -
but life has such demands.

I need some clothes, yet glad for those
who need be highly viewed -
and scarcely live that I might give
so others have some food.

My insides ache, for goodness sake,
for those who have to cope.
Oh, there's no gain from earthly pain
for those who have no hope.

I never knew what I could do -
for I am just a man.
But it's not strange that God can change
the heart that He began.

So now today, I see a ray
as clouds bright edges glisten.
A still, small voice is still the choice
if only we would listen.

Through fervent tears, beyond my years,
I see the birds are singing.
I harmonize now ears and eyes
as church bells keep on ringing.

From ancient times, the church bells chimed
to bold and brighter skies.
Now morning light from Heaven's might,
has opened up my eyes...

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 12, 2013

Those Nail Scars 9-12-13

Must we see it to believe it?
Must we ask the Lord if we
may touch His prints to get some hints
of what has come to be?

A 'doubting one' had seen God's Son.
He saw our Master's hands.
Did Thomas learn and then discern
mere facts to understand?

Are we to seek and take a peek
for proof so we might know?
Are we remiss within our bliss
that our faith fails to grow?

Those nail scars were never ours.
Pure sin had seized those crowds.
But in the end, Christ did ascend
up through the yielding clouds.

So many view, but there are few
who understand 'the fall'.
Through burdens' weight, our Lord was great -
then rose above it all!

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 9, 2013

One More Day 9-9-13

My life is not worth one red cent
for I was never innocent.
I chose to live my selfish way -
and lived it every single day.
So soon prepared, rectangle hole.
They'll close the casket on my soul.
"For all have sinned" and it will be
that I had wished I'd lived for thee.

And when they lay me down to sleep -
they'll dig that hole and dig it deep.
Lost soul, forever, under sod
who lived for 'self' instead of God.
If I had known grace can't be bought,
if I had given life more thought...
If God would grant me one more day,
I'll be sincere and this I'll pray:

"Please humble me, I quote the hymn,
"without one plea...", "just as I am..."
Please grant me faith instead of grief
and save me as you did the thief
who humbled self, who was a man,
who did repent as I, too, can.
Forgive my debts, forgive my sins,
then help me boldly tell my friends."

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 5, 2013

Know It All 9-5-13

While robins sing, alarm clocks ring -
and our whole day is planned.
Birds perch steady.  We get ready.
We settle in quicksand.

The leopard lurks while we're at work.
It seeks its fragile prey.
Important though, our Savior know -
yet we still fail to pray.

Forgetting cross, we please our boss,
while truth is right at hand.
God's loving face and lasting grace -
yet we don't understand.

Do you know what?  Our minds are shut,
when we hear Jesus call.
A life of ease - and then Hades.
We think we know it all.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


August 31, 2013

Your Word 8-31-13

Why can't I write one poem, Lord,
that gathers people 'round,
that opens eyes and opens hearts
to all Your truths I've found -
among the pages of Your Book,
which tells me how to live -
which tells life's truths, both good and bad -
and how I should forgive?

Why can't I write one poem, Lord,
that brings the people 'round,
and opens hearts so they forgive
so that Your peace is found -
Your peace of dulcet harmony
which flows from day to day,
which brings us closer to Your Word -
and shows us how to pray?

Why can't I write one poem, Lord,
that calls all wicked, wild,
the selfish men, bad women too -
and every sinful child -
who desecrate Your garden, Lord,
who desecrate Your laws,
who desecrate Your truth and love...
and then wait for applause?

Why can't I write one poem, Lord,
that brings the people 'round,
so they'd forgive the other folks
and hopefully be found -
sitting on the many pews
inside these hallowed halls,
inside our humble churches where -
a still, small voice still calls?

Lord, You are much greater than
my sorted words can brag,
coming from this shaky hand
attached to this old rag.
But maybe this reminder here
can make us humbly look -
at not a bunch of rhyming words,
but rather at Your Book?

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


August 22, 2013

Beheaded 8-22-13

What could it be?  They tortured me
as others stood around.
They seized me tight.  There was no fight.
They threw me to the ground.

There was no ease, down on my knees.
And then I overheard,
Kill him!  Kill him!  It was grim.
They shoved my head forward.

Through their disgust, I tasted dust -
my face against the dirt.
I felt the weight of all their hate
and then I heard them blurt,

Deny! Deny! - or you will die!
With that, one raised his sword.
In dampened eyes I shared my cries,
"Oh, please forgive them Lord!"

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


The war against those who love others continues.
There is violence against many loving Christians
who have never hurt anyone- but only helped others-
the sick, the elderly, the children.
The killings and church burnings continue.
We, the people, either stand up for
the peaceful, the meek, the humble and the innocent,
or we stand against them.
There is no in-between.
There is no 'sitting on the fence'. (Rev. 3:16).
Educate yourself,
then pray, then help, then vote.
Every minute matters.
If, indeed, you love others,
please give to your local church missions,
print this out and pass it on...
Thank you!

August 20, 2013

The Straight and Narrow 8-20-13

Celestial grace pours down on me.
Your love has filled my heart.
Rejoice, I do, when I'm with You,
but life tears me apart.
I pray, "Dear Lord, please give me strength.
Sometimes I can't go on...
Does Your sparrow not have shelter
from things it comes upon?

"Yea, though I walk through the valley,
where evil so abounds,
I did not know that Your path Lord,
would have such 'ups and downs'.
They take my house, possessions too,
but You say 'follow me'.
So faithfully, I stumble on.
Was this all meant to be?

"Yea, though I walk the shadow through,
which covers all the grounds...
I did not know that Your path Lord,
would have such 'ups and downs'.
The future's dark, so go, how I?
Oh, what am I to do?
I often find it slippery
as I reach out to You.

"Yea, though I walk through horrid death,
I hear its helpless sounds...
I did not know that Your path Lord,
would have such 'ups and downs'."
His way is seldom easy,
and downright serious -
but yet I know it's not as hard
as nails that held Jesus.

His way is met with 'ups and downs'.
It's often slippery.
Sometimes I feel incapable -
and tempted so, to flee.
But it is then that I recall
that He protects the sparrow -
so faithfully I drag my cross
here on the straight and narrow.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Psalm 23:4 (KJV)
4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Matthew 7:13-14 (KJV)
13 Enter ye in at the strait gate:
for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction,
and many there be which go in thereat:
14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life,
and few there be that find it.

Matthew 10:30-32 (KJV)
30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows.
32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men,

him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.

August 15, 2013

Much More Courage 8-15-13

I got no dad that I know of.
My mama's scarcely seen.
My aunt takes care of all of us.
Her boyfriend's really mean.
There's danger on my city street,
there's danger in my school,
there's danger at my local store -
if I'm not lookin' cool.

I've come too far to turn back now,
I've come too far to change.
I've come too far inside the gang -
you prob'ly think I'm strange.
If I don't have the tattoo'd marks
with gang I'm runnin' in -
If I don't have my gun and knife,
there's no way I will win.

I've learned my lesson, know it well.
and if I have to chance -
I'll use my gun if there's a need.
The fittest will romance -
and start the cycle once again
to bring another child
into the war zone I'm in now
where hate and anger's wild.

Ya' think God's Ten Commandments here
will do us any good?
Our culture isn't going to change
from here within 'the hood'.
"Thou shalt not kill", "thou shalt not steal" -
Who listens to them words?
And even your Supreme Court said
those words are 'for the birds'.

No, I grew up in culture where
there is no safe escape -
where sirens fill the midnight skies
and morning finds bright tape -
surrounding yet another scene
where one more body lay -
where each one has an answer for -
...but has nothing to say.

I cried when I saw sister there -
my little flower bud -
her smiling face, forever gone
inside her pool of blood.
It's not a 'group' that must be saved,
but individuals -
and I pray now that God would shake
their thick and stubborn skulls.

Some good old-fashioned discipline
is needed once again.
Respect is needed - and despite
the color of the skin.
And every individual
must learn it from God's Son.
It takes a real man to love.
It starts with only one.

Am I the one to lead this gang
that they be real men -
where we can live in full respect
and humbleness again?
Some think they're tough when they can hold
a gun to garner fear -
but now I know it takes more guts
to shed one loving tear.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


(This poem was written not to judge but rather to save lives and souls.
It involves ALL cultures to some degree or another because
we all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.

The culture is obvious to all of us.  The 'fault' is not to argue.

America's "melting pot" MUST have ingredients that melt and God MUST be in that mix.
The ONLY solution to gang violence is our confession, our repentance,
our forgiveness and our faithfulness through God's grace.

If respect is lost, there is no obedience to the parents, the teachers or the law.
REAL discipline does not embarrass the child in public (find a quiet place),
nor does it hit, slap, yell, denigrate the child or show disrespect -
but rather understands, uplifts, reasons, educates, loves and is most always mixed with tears.)

August 12, 2013

Splash! 8-12-13

Oh, splash!  Your feet in puddle went - and there, without a doubt,
how blissful 'twas, to be a kid, as water splashed about.
Your life was fun and easy then.  You lived a life of ease.
And very far and few between, responsibilities.

And how you've learned your every right as those truths went to seed.
Although you didn't know it then, you grew up under greed.
You've made demands for 'this and that'. You've voted your own way.
and you gave little thought - that one day someone has to pay.

No love can rid the kids of hate.  That anger's deep within -
but don't say 'God' or pray in schools - for that would be a sin.
You hate the Ten Commandments, (you know, don't steal or kill).
It only matters - you're not shot as morals go downhill.

Now it's no fault of criminals.  You'd best just run off quick.
They have the right to stand their ground.  You hear the door locks click.
And when they break into your house, be glad that you're 'gun free'.
Just make a call to 9-1-1.  They'll come, just wait and see...

You terrorize Conservatives from Detroit's ghostly town.
You're getting high on cannabis while Rome is burning down.
You hate it when some seek the truth, exposing every cronie -
but they've convinced you followers that everything is phoney.

The IRS, the NSA - they 'plead the fifth' and lie -
but if you owe a dollar more, they'll make you want to cry.
Benghazi - "What's it matter?"  They said it wasn't true.
There's nothing you should care about - unless it affects you.

They talk you into circles while they throw you into mazes.
You're voting for your pocketbooks.  They're voting for their raises.
You thought your perfect job secure.  You've been there many years -
but as employment dissipates, you'll soon be left in tears.

Do not expect full raises and - to cut your spending, (half).
Get trained to flip a burger now.  Diplomas are a laugh.
Oh sure, you've stepped on other folks - and yes, there is no doubt -
you've trampled each last liberty.  Now freedoms you're without.

You've forfeited and voided each and every Bill of Right.
Your ignorance, embarrassing, but claim your future's bright.
The 'land of opportunity'?  About it, do not think.
Elitists burned the Constitution.  It is now extinct.

You're slaves, but they've convinced you that they work on your behalf.
The poor get poorer, rich get richer - ohhh, but they can laugh!
Who cares that they get richer now?  Just pass another beer!
Celebrate, you liberals - your socialism's here!

You kill a healthy pregnancy - then ask you're treated fair -
and mandate others are insured to pay for your health care.
 They will watch your every move and make sure you don't cheat -
and wait 'til they put limits on the food that you will eat.

You get your way in everything.  You think you know it all.
You voiced your hard opinions loud. Your arrogance stands tall.
And so you worship your own 'god' as you invent your cult.
You've lost your soul and liberties - but it was Bush's fault.

Yes, splash!  Your feet on freedoms go - and now, without a doubt,
you think it's bliss to be naive - but you will thrash about.
You've made their lives so easy now as they live lives of ease -
as they exempt themselves from all... responsibilities.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED