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October 11, 2013

Above My Bloody Fist 10-11-13

The waves would make, across the lake,
their way to other side.
I had a task, so I had asked
if I could hitch a ride.
"We are not fools.  We follow rules.
Just find a boat to rent."
So "No." they said, which turned me red,
in deep embarrassment.

The breezes blew.  I knew them too -
but could I fly away?
I know I'm old and not so bold -
and much too shy to say,
"Please do not fail to let me sail
up where the seabirds soar.
We'll get along.  I won't be long..."
then tried so, all the more.

In all the earth, have I no worth?
I wondered, "Was it true?"
I saw leaves dance and viewed my chance.
They seemed to beckon too...
But then they yelled, "Hey, duck your head -
for we are passing by!"
My eyes got red.  I bowed my head -
as tear came to my eye.

The places vast, the faces masked.
The people know me not.
And now today, I'm in their way -
Memories - all I've got.
To do what's right we had to fight.
There was no other way.
The heroes I had fought beside
had met their Lord that day.

With muddy gun, it was no fun -
not like a hand-held game.
The bombs were real and I could feel
the pain that always came.
There was a time when 'will' was mine
and I had much more hope.
It was a chore to take the shore
and scramble muddy slope.

The bullets flew, the booming grew -
when planted with a twist -
but colors loomed when wind resumed,
above my bloody fist.
Oh, how we fought!  The wounds we caught
as blood mixed with our sweat -
but showed the world when it unfurled,
the flag that we had set.

Though day has dawned, my friends are gone.
The waves march 'cross the lake.
Though friend or foe, no man can know
the liberties they take.
For if they knew what we went through
(where they were never sent) -
they'd not uproot, but would salute
our sacred monument.

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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