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February 9, 2005

Life's Crossroads 2-9-05

Have you wandered, through the woods, with underbrush so thick,
and seemed to know which way to go, but then got lost so quick?
There are trails you can find - in life, both here and there -
and where they lead, we often go, completely unaware.

Your life's journey lies ahead - you should not look confused.
There is a way that you should walk but one that you will choose.
Years ago I walked a path, along with mom and dad,
It sometimes made me happy - and sometimes made me sad.

One day I saw a trail. The way seemed to entice.
With trees and flowers so pretty, it seemed so very nice.
Rays of sunlight shone on down and lit up spots of ground.
Red and yellow wild flowers shone bright there all around.

My life was very special then. My travels had begun....
I watched some others on the path - as they were having fun.
I didn't wander far - from the path I knew was true,
but I followed them a little while, as soothing breezes blew.

The way was free and easy. I loved that path I took.
The fun and beauty took me in - so back I didn't look.
I walked on down my chosen way. Some hiked along the ledge,
but when the trail got rougher - some slipped off the edge.

I knew better. I knew well - for I was in control.
I'd fight along this rougher path. It now became my goal.
The path I broke was now all mine - and I was my own guide.
That little corner of my world, I owned with all my pride.

The way became much tougher. Branches blocked my way.
Thorns and nettles poked my face. The sky had turned to gray.
Problems covered me like leaves - that carpeted the ground.
Sin's tight grip had hold of me. Through habits I was bound.

So wildly I pushed and shoved - with all my strength inside,
-shoving anyone in my path. I very often lied.
Suddenly my feet gave way. Sharp rocks - they slit my hand.
I tumbled down a rocky slope, and hit the sinking sand.

I don't know - it happened quick. My feet – they sunk right in -
I tried with all my might to not be swallowed up by sin.
Start again? Who can do that? I can't go back in time -
nor could I pull myself back up - I had no strength to climb.

I chose the path that I had trod, I played the Devil's game.
I did not know which way to turn - I'd no one else to blame.
Sin pulled me down. I wanted out. I wished I could go back,
but sank below the surface then, and everything went black.

That's the way the story ends for many that we see,
but thanks to God's most precious gift, it happened not to me.
For long ago, God cleared a trail - a very narrow path,
so I would not be burdened or - receive His righteous wrath.

For all have sinned -we all fall short. Our way is certain death,
but Jesus chose the path of love right to His dying breath.
Faithful walk the straight and narrow. Just listen to His voice.
We all stand at the crossroads now. Our path is still our choice.

©2005 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED