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August 30, 2015

I See Spring! 8-30-15

(Four generations: Lucy Ellen Gander, Sarah Evaline Palmer (standing),
Susanna Sanborn, Katherine Jadwin, circa 1874. Sarah is Nathan Gander's wife.)

"With picture faded on the wall -
oh, who could understand it all?

For yesterday began the spring
when we could dance and we could sing.

But faded now, our lively songs
with grasses dead and flowers gone.
Today I stand somewhat dismayed.
and of tomorrow, am afraid.

My wrinkled face now bears a frown.
I find the whole world up-side-down.

From government to businesses -
the world is busy, all abuzz.

The love of money, Satan's hook.
What's with the envy?  Take a look!

In all the world, who understands?
Does love for money stain our hands?
Some day in Heaven, happily -
I'll sing God's praises out with glee!

Who cares of clothes or car I drive?
I am with Him and am alive!

Today, I see deception's sting -
but of tomorrow, I see spring!

With picture faded on the wall -
oh, who would understand it all?

©2015 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


August 28, 2015

If I Haven't Died 8-28-15

There were many things I thought important
when I was a child -
like walking and skipping and running wild -
but were they?

There were many things I thought important
in my middle years -
like career or sports and drinking beers -
but were they?

There are many things I think important
now later in life -
like health, adult diapers and dealing with strife -
but are they?

There will be many things I'll think important -
eternity's ever -
when hell has its fury - 'cause I thought I knew better.
Will they be...?

Do you get the picture now?  Do you understand -
of Heaven's importance - not this sin's wasteland?

But Jesus still waits, 'cause it's never too late -
(if I haven't died) -
to confess and repent - and be sanctified -
now.  Right now.

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Revelation 3:20 (KJV)
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
if any man hear my voice, and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

August 13, 2015

Li'l Puff 8-13-15

Now Li'l Puff was kind of sad.
He looked up at his giant dad,
"Oh, why am I a little cloud
but you are big and thunder loud?

"Your lightning flashes 'cross the sky
but I can't do it when I try...
And also, when you rain, you pour!
I try and try but can't rain more..."

So once again he tried so hard
to rain down drops upon a yard.
He thought he let down God and Heav'n
when counted, he, but ninety-seven.

The sod was turning gray and brown
and plants were dying all around.
Will ninety-seven drops of rain
still keep alive what does remain?

Then mom spoke up and said, "Dear son,
God wouldn't care if you had none.
He knows if you have done your best.
Be humble and He'll do the rest."

But Li'l Puff, not satisfied,
had drooped his head and cried and cried.
He wanted to be just like dad,
but he was small.  It made him sad.

So Li'l Puff had had enough.
He packed his toys and other stuff.
He ran away for life anew -
to be some ice, or maybe dew.

Descending down upon a log
our Li'l Puff became a fog.
For quite some time he rested there,
without a hope, without a care.

Sometimes he'd cry, sometimes he'd sigh.
Two long and lonely weeks went by...
Then suddenly, out of the blue,
he heard a voice from little 'Sue'.

Excitedly, she called her mom -
then called her dad and brother Tom.
"My brand new plant has bloomed a rose!'
It's fragrance touched her little nose.

While Li'l Puff was still in gloom -
what caused that little rose to bloom?
Though sometimes we have not a clue -
those ninety-seven raindrops knew.

We might not see a pretty rose
from poems that we might compose,
but God creates.  Yes, He does still.
Just be content to do His will.

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


August 9, 2015

Buried Treasure 8-09-15

I found a buried treasure map inside a dusty book.
It showed the paths of journeys old.  I took a closer look.

I studied meanings of those paths through all my bias views
and cut more paths with stubbornness in search of crucial clues.
Exposed were possibilities where treasures could be found,
so I mapped out my own small world where I could look around.

I envied after treasures so.  I took my ev'ry tool.
I took my shovel and my ax, my compass and my mule.
(My shovel was my selfish greed.  The ax was my own tongue.
My mule was my brand new car and friends I was among.)

I loaded up my mighty ship (that one might call 'career')
and I believed that treasure chest was very, very near.
I stood at helm, determined, on my great big sailing ship.
So confident I'd reach my goals, I held a solid grip.

I followed all the earthly rules and took each cautious measure,
went ashore on sev'ral lands in search of buried treasure.
I overturned huge stubborn stones so very burdensome -
but all I found was sinful filth and weary had become.

I thought that gold awaited me, bright silver and fine jewels -
but found out very soon that I was dumbest of the fools.
For years and decades I had searched - until one day I quit.
A treasure hunter, I was not.  I sadly was unfit.

So overboard, I threw my pride...  Depressed I was, in shock.
My anchor splashed and sank in seas then held in solid rock.
I found a much more stable life - no longer lost, adrift.
T'was then my broken heart exposed that great and precious gift.

Is treasure only found in something torn and ripped apart
and buried down and deep inside - like my own broken heart?
We hope to find true happiness with our own 'treasure maps',
but tell me - are we pirates here - with selfish goals perhaps?

I hadn't found that treasure buried deep inside of me,
until I found a little 'key' that's called humility.
And now that I've discovered it, my soul is filled with glee!
And that uncovered treasure now, has made me fully free.

Don't follow those on stormy seas where you are tossed and twirled.
Accept the treasure of His love, 'for God so loved the world'.
And don't be fake, a hypocrite who doesn't care to look,
but search down deep inside your heart (the map is in His Book).

So follow trail down deep inside so you aren't left behind.
Accept the grace of Jesus then.  Great treasure you will find!

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


August 6, 2015

Problems Bigger Than Mine? 8-6-15

"Whose problems are bigger than mine?" asked I,
Whose problems are bigger than mine?"
Oh, who can solve problems that cannot be solved
when the world is in such decline?
A flood of deep emotions came
as I washed out to sea.
And drifted off, was everything
that I'll no longer see.

My business assets disappeared
behind those foamy waves.
My friends and fam'ly taken too,
my parents pushed in graves.

I clenched my fists while tears spilled out.
I swung them through thin air -
above the oceans of my tears -
for no one seemed to care.

I screamed in savage anger as
I watched those waters churn.
Depressed, I was, for all those years,
not knowing where to turn.

Who could begin to take my place
and not be temperamental?
Problems, financial and physical too,
so mentally monumental!

My life had fallen all apart.
I was a total loss,
...but then, I learned another One
was nailed to a cross!
"Whose problems were bigger than mine?" asked I,
Whose problems were bigger than mine?"
Oh, who solved the problems that could't be solved
when the world was in such decline?

©2015 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


August 1, 2015

Great Republican Debate, The 8-1-15

With crowd, ecstatic, you might think
that truth might finally win.
But no, the brag fest lingered on
in shallow, selfish din.
The candidates deceive us all.
Pet projects, each discusses.
They came to this, the 'Great Debate'
in jets and campaign buses.

The smiles they wore were priceless, but
so sly, those hungry foxes.
And all of them were standing tall
on top of their soapboxes.

A bulging 'muscle' claimed that he
was strong enough to bring,
a welfare check to everyone -
for he was not 'right-wing'.

The 'fat' said, "I will throw my weight
around when president.
I'll bridge the budget deficit
until you're all content."

The 'hand' had interrupted then
and stated with a flair,
"I promise 'common core' will work.
You'll keep your free health care."

The 'eye' had seen the goings on
and interrupted too.
"I have a vision others don't.
You know the skies are blue..."

Then 'lung' spoke up so very loud
and said, "Economy!"
I promise you more great trade deals
if you'll just vote for me!"

The 'ear' intently listened as
the others took their turns.
"I've listened very carefully
and I have grave concerns."

The 'brain' said intellectually,
"I'll pass new welfare laws..."
then said, "Without me, you've no hope."
(He drew a large applause).

Now 'Rump' spoke up as clapping slowed,
"I have a wallet here.
I will secure the border walls.
You've nothing more to fear."

The 'nose' breathed something awful in
and sneezed out something crass.
"The dung is getting deep in here
and someone's passing gas."

The laughter carried on a spell
'til all was calm inside.
But serious, the issues are.
So many guiltless died.

A silence then, was broken when
a lowly nominee -
said, "Why are we so selfish here
and honest, cannot be?
Our rights are lost when we reject
Our Constitution is the law!
Where is our sanity?

"While some are selling baby parts,
perpetuating lies,
while money flows into their hands -
another baby dies.
May voters not vote selfishly
while those on stage connive.
Atrocious things are happening.
Who here is still alive?"

But he was laughed right off the stage
by old pathetic goats,
by those who memorized their quotes,
by those who bribed for votes.

The one who they laughed off the stage,
the one who they suppressed -
was honest, fair and humble too -
and truly was the best.

My poem ends with corrupt press
who once again refuse,
to give exposure to the best.
Again, from chaff, we choose.
With crowd, ecstatic, you might think
that truth might finally win.
But no, the brag fest lingered on
in shallow, selfish din.

©2015 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED