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August 9, 2015

Buried Treasure 8-09-15

I found a buried treasure map inside a dusty book.
It showed the paths of journeys old.  I took a closer look.

I studied meanings of those paths through all my bias views
and cut more paths with stubbornness in search of crucial clues.
Exposed were possibilities where treasures could be found,
so I mapped out my own small world where I could look around.

I envied after treasures so.  I took my ev'ry tool.
I took my shovel and my ax, my compass and my mule.
(My shovel was my selfish greed.  The ax was my own tongue.
My mule was my brand new car and friends I was among.)

I loaded up my mighty ship (that one might call 'career')
and I believed that treasure chest was very, very near.
I stood at helm, determined, on my great big sailing ship.
So confident I'd reach my goals, I held a solid grip.

I followed all the earthly rules and took each cautious measure,
went ashore on sev'ral lands in search of buried treasure.
I overturned huge stubborn stones so very burdensome -
but all I found was sinful filth and weary had become.

I thought that gold awaited me, bright silver and fine jewels -
but found out very soon that I was dumbest of the fools.
For years and decades I had searched - until one day I quit.
A treasure hunter, I was not.  I sadly was unfit.

So overboard, I threw my pride...  Depressed I was, in shock.
My anchor splashed and sank in seas then held in solid rock.
I found a much more stable life - no longer lost, adrift.
T'was then my broken heart exposed that great and precious gift.

Is treasure only found in something torn and ripped apart
and buried down and deep inside - like my own broken heart?
We hope to find true happiness with our own 'treasure maps',
but tell me - are we pirates here - with selfish goals perhaps?

I hadn't found that treasure buried deep inside of me,
until I found a little 'key' that's called humility.
And now that I've discovered it, my soul is filled with glee!
And that uncovered treasure now, has made me fully free.

Don't follow those on stormy seas where you are tossed and twirled.
Accept the treasure of His love, 'for God so loved the world'.
And don't be fake, a hypocrite who doesn't care to look,
but search down deep inside your heart (the map is in His Book).

So follow trail down deep inside so you aren't left behind.
Accept the grace of Jesus then.  Great treasure you will find!

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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