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December 21, 2021

Christmas Program 12-21-21

The Christmas Program show begins
with children singing Christmas hymns
below the shining star.
From 1 year old's to upper teens,
they bring alive those Christmas scenes.
How cute those children are!


Memorized lines,
each face still shines.
The donkey even smiled.
It's good to know
those children show
a love for manger child.

They had such fun.
Program was done.
And so, was time to go.
Through many years,
through many fears,
I watched those children grow.

Through God above
I show my love.
I've little else to give.
They grow so fast
and hugs are past.
They have their lives to live.

My prayers are such,
they are worth much,
much more than earthly things.
For lost, a shame
each day's the same...
Joy is what Christmas brings.

Those memories,
they come to please.
Such love has grown for years.
Then much more love
pours from above
that brings me to my tears.

Though great or small,
forgiveness all,
God's gift, forever gives.
Love's in my eye.
For kids, I cry.
Yet Christmas Program lives.

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