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September 19, 2014

One Fibber's Lies 9-19-14

Oh yes, those fibs that he had told,
repeated were, 'til they got old -
by his czars and Congress too.
But those who questioned?  Very few.

He promised 'hope' and promised 'change' -
but what we got was really strange.
Yes!  Keep your doctor, keep your nurse!
Sure!  Keep your wallet and your purse...

Began in Senate, tax bill was,
but care what's legal?  Why, because -
what, promised he, was better than
our current "bad" insurance plan.

So then he took his phone and pen -
and offered bribes again, again,
He offered things that weren't legit -
until it passed (to learn what's in it).

His fibs were sold, retold and cooked -
and oh, the folks who came to look!
His spite, spewed he, among the classes...
festered hate between the masses.

One more fiasco, his 'Exchange'.
Two dozen times his law would change
without the Congress or a bill -
but as a king there on 'the hill'.

Rates too high?  Forget your troubles!
The big surprise?  Deductibles!
 "Affordable", the biggest lie -
now we, the people cry and die.

Yes, some bought in to 'plan' they praised -
then lost their savings to his ways.
Death Panels spy the old and youth.
But some weren't duped.  We knew the truth.

Now 'we the people' scream and shout
until good 'change' will come about.
Protest it in each language spoken:
"You can't fix what isn't broken!"

You lied and lied but cannot force -
Americans to pay, of course -
to corporate greed and CEOs -
whose morals dropped to record lows.*

When selfishness and profits meet,
health care takes the driver's seat.
Deceiving minds of God's creation,
they love money - not the Nation.

Now it's okay they have huge clout
but really, what's it all about?
...health care or huge salaries?
Fair?  Tell us if you please.

It really eats inside my craw
they're living high on mandate's law.
If others pay my health care bill,
responsibilities we'll kill.

From elderly to babe's in cribs,
good health care lost to liar's fibs.
And who will count each one who dies -
because of just one fibber's lies?

©2014 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV)
"For the love of money is the root of all evil:
which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith,
and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."



September 9, 2014

In Our Uncertain World 09-09-14

So blessed we are to live a life apart from evil gun -
where worshiping and liberty are free for everyone.
Please don't be so uncaring here with all our ease and fun -
and give in love abundantly - for we have much.  Them?  None.
Am I too poor to pray to God?  Too young to ask for aid?
I feel a bit inadequate and I was so afraid.
My story's not exciting but, here are the cruel facts:
Deny our true and living God or pay their heavy tax.

Their's isn't a religion - but a twisted, evil cult.
And most don't understand it all, so hence here's the result:
We now live in a little tent not far from evil guns.
Uprooted from our home, we were - and lost all our possessions.

My parents cry and pray a lot.  My brothers, sister too -
but evil sin is powerful, so what are we to do?
I'm certain you are thankful that you're not a refugee.
I'm living with my parents here because I am Iraqi.

I walk around our little tent on dry and sandy sod
and wonder when we'll all be saved by our almighty God.
I'm not quite sure how many weeks or months we can survive
but I have faith and thank my God that we are still alive.

There isn't any grocery store to buy some food and drink.
Oh, why have we been banished here?  My hunger makes me think.
And though our hunger hurts us so, we still have many fears.
Will we be safe another night protected by our tears?

Our God could strike the enemies of love, respect and hope.
With prayer, our only weapon, we survive and learn to cope.
We thank those nations everywhere who have their flags unfurled
in charity for all of us in this uncertain world.
So blessed we are to live a life apart from evil gun -
where worshiping and liberty are free for everyone.
Please don't be so uncaring here with all our ease and fun -
and give in love abundantly - for we have much.  Them?  None.

©2014 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 7, 2014

Apple Butter 9-7-14

So many things just disappeared
forever with my mother.
Mom's apple butter's almost gone
and there won't be another.
But I can taste it.  Sure, I can!
It's not like any other.
Except for grandma, no one made it
quite as good as mother.

But now a silence fills her room.
Oh, how can I rejoice -
with not a hymn to listen to
nor her familiar voice?
All gone, her clothes and furniture.
No fragrance greets my nose.
No flower pots or nature's bloom.
At last, her door I close.

I close it on so many things
I'll never again see.
And apple butter, now all gone,
is just a memory...
So I sit back and close my eyes
here in my fav'rite chair -
where I can see her making more,
more apple butter there...

©2014 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED