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February 12, 2007

Grandma 2-12-07

Grownups seem so funny. They never seem to change.
‘Specially my ol’ grandma. She always acted strange.
Peculiar smells escaped out when she opened up her door.
And as I stepped into her house - heard creaking in the floor.

She seemed a bit hunched over. She wasn't very thin.
Her teeth would sometimes chatter when she moved her double chin.
She decorated very nice. A corner held the broom.
She'd have her nylon stockings hangin' ‘round the living room....

But God made grandma special. Her cooking, Heaven sent.
She hadn't much to offer but she really was content.
And she was always cooking with her hair back in a bun.
She always had her apron on – had little time for fun.

Sometimes I got in trouble taking cookies from her jar....
The crumbs would seem to mark my sin. I didn't get too far.
One day we had a party. She cried when she was glad.
She cried when she was happy too and cried when she was sad.

Once she claimed I was in sin. I asked her what she meant,
So she opened up her Bible and read a whole event.
I had so many questions that she took me by the hand,
She had so many answers that I couldn't understand.

She said God loved so deeply and - death held the only key,
So back behind the bloodstains Jesus had to die for me.
Maybe sin is so disgusting that - love has to be unfair,
And maybe that's why grandma cried - when she knelt down in prayer.

When I got hurt, she kissed it well. She was the "best-est" nurse,
Then she said, "Be careful" quoting yet another verse.
She often looked so busy. She sometimes looked quite weak;
But when I left, she always had the time to kiss my cheek.

I miss my grandma very much. She died some time ago.
But when she spoke of Jesus, oh, her face was all aglow.
Now when I close my eyes I see that same familiar face,
Reminding me of Jesus and God's everlasting grace.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


February 11, 2007

Works 2-11-07

I'm so weary I can't stand
to fight it anymore.
My face - I bury in my hands.
I fall flat on the floor.

All truthfulness is in Your court.
My arguments all fail.
I work hard but fall so short -
touching your Holy Grail.

I worked my fingers to the bone.
You did not grant my wish.
And without water on flat stones,
I flop just like a fish.

I tried to earn it, sun to sun.
My tasks would not apply.
A tear, from every job I'd done,
I caused there in Your eye.

Tasks that came I did not shun.
In fact, I didn't brag,
but every work that I had done -
was but a filthy rag.

Sometimes I thought I felt that crown,
and pulled myself way up,
but as I looked, I had to frown,
I could not hold Your cup.

I fasted, sacrificed some more,
and lay in massive pain.
My clothes I tore. I lost the war,
my works were all in vain.

So now I weep, fall on my face
in desperation, misery....
and on the ground I take my place
and cry my prayer to thee....

"Our Father who art in Heaven,
God of grace and mercy,
You knew this soul was lost back when,
I fell so far from thee....

Your love melts the coldest ice,
You're always in control.
You sent the perfect sacrifice
so save this poor lambs soul.

Dear Shepherd, You are very strong.
Help me - I'm am weak.
For years I've been so very wrong.
I'm humbled. Hear me speak....

Forgive me Lord, for thinking I
could work my way to You.
You knew back then - I couldn't buy,
the work You came to do.

My sins, my work will not erase.
My life, I cannot gloss.
And all my work will not replace,
Your grace there on the cross."

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


February 10, 2007


We don't need a job or new tires for the car.
We don't need vacations to travel afar....
We don't need more money, power, or fame.
And we don't need to know who won what game.

We don't need a furnace to heat our new houses.
We don't need a diamond to buy our spouses.
We don't need potatoes, gravy and meat.
And we do not need to go out to eat.

We don't need more presents for under the tree.
We don't need to "buy one and get one free".
We don't need to rake all the leaves from our yards.
And we don't need more charges on credit cards.

You might think this poem a little bit odd,
But what we do need - is more faith in God.
Put it all in perspective, no need to discuss....
We need more of Jesus - and a lot less of us.

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


February 4, 2007

Hand In Hand 2-4-07

Grace and Faith go hand in hand,
As a button bound by thread;
As hands create a handshake,
Or a man and woman wed.

Grace is mercy. Grace is love.
It's why He came to die.
Grace descends to even me
It's something I can't buy.

Faith, my shield that leads me on,
Is essential to possess;
To extinguish all the arrows,
to go forth and profess.

Faith is what I need to have,
Grace is what He's done;
They're not works by any means
But truths I cannot shun.

By Grace He reaches down to me,
Through Faith I understand;
He leads me by still waters,
As we walk hand in hand….

©2007 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Ephesians 2:8 (NASB) “For by grace you have been saved through faith...”