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October 29, 2008

Stale Bread & Smelly Fish 10-29-08

First created in His image - then threw out of Eden.
What dominion was received to plow the seeds of men?

Satan owns deception, and this is his proposal:
"World's tools you cannot use. They're all at my disposal".

But yet, those very tools, that lies could not destroy;
helped Jesus feed five thousand - with food from one small boy.

Now did he pay attention, when he heard Jesus' call?
Or did he wait for someone else’s food to feed them all?

What if no one listened? What if no one shared?
What if no one bothered? What if no one cared?

Did intimidation strike him - with grownups to compare?
What if he stood silent? Would everybody stare?

I'm sure the bread was stale. I'm sure the fish was smelly -
and who made him responsible to feed their hungry belly?

What if doubts were planted - not knowing if he could?
What if faith and fish and bread – seemed so little good?

Was he called to do such things - to worry 'bout the present?
Or was he called to preach the Word? Are words the full intent?

Do we think there's someone else - who God will call by name,
and therefore won't engage ourselves? Who then would be to blame?

But Jesus proved His miracles, with meager food and powers;
God created fish and bread - then blesses us with ours.

Did Jesus sit in synagogues? Was He not salt and light?
And did He reach beyond those doors? Did He not lead the fight?

The "experts" did not like Him. He wasn't keeping quiet.
He questioned all their politic. Their answer then was riot.

Three times disciples fell asleep, so tell me if you please;
Were they really faithful as He wept there on His knees?

Please, can someone tell me, Is faith without works dead?
Was Jesus really faithful when – the thorns cut deep, His head?

Was Jesus really faithful then - with shouts of insults said?
Was Jesus really faithful, when on the cross He bled?

Was Jesus really faithful - our nails, He took instead?
Was Jesus really faithful - when life hung by a thread?

Now tell me - was He faithful when they pronounced Him dead?
And can anybody tell me - that words suffice instead?

Jesus sweat before that cross - but works, did not subdue;
for Jesus did not only pray - He also followed through.

I suppose it's time to ask myself - (regarding that young boy),
Have I sat in idleness - and with it, helped destroy?

What impact do I have today? What is my greatest wish?
Did that small boy surpass me with - stale bread and smelly fish?

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


October 18, 2008

Futility 10-18-08

is a cry unheard -
or a star unseen.

is a dictionary never opened -
or eyes that cannot read.

is a termite encased in a metal box -
or seeds, in a sealed package, never planted.

is the worlds most beautiful flower in a forest unseen -
or a forest with no beautiful flowers.

is the greatest sermon preached - to an empty room -
or a room full of bodies that a sermon doesn't move.

is a microphone unplugged -
or headphones on deaf ears.

is a world of envy -
or a state of hate.

is deceptiive love -
or worthless riches.

is kissing a toad -
or hugging a flag pole.

is outside a fancy door, doing nothing -
or opening the biggest door to nowhere.

is the hardest worker, with no understanding -
or the greatest mind in a body never worked.

is a hole dug - just before caving back in -
or the greatest, tallest mountain of debt.

is a king without his subjects -
or subjects without their king.

is having been given an unusable brain -
or given a mind which is thoughtless.

It's doom, agony, despair, life without purpose -
It's fruitless, full of pain and hopelessness.

It's sin, the absence of appreciation -
It’s lacking thankfulness for every blessing.

It's death on a cross without sufficient grace -
It’s the great deceptive arrogance of 'works' by man.

It comes in many shapes and sizes -
It thrives like a stubborn weed - when faith is weak.

It's life without faith in the almighty God -
or lifelessness without His grace, under cold sod.

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


October 13, 2008

LOST? 10-13-08

Are you listening? Are you troubled? Is anybody there?
Does anybody know your pain? Does anybody care?
I guess you can't be hopeful for the world to understand -
that pain is so immense when clay is formed with potters' hand.

I know affliction pained the God who sent His Son to die,
for us, who spent our time in ways - that lent to Satan's lie.
In seconds, minutes, hours - in years, months, weeks and days,
We've locked up so much precious time - in all our selfish ways.

I know He understands you and - He knows your every pain -
because He's pulled this very clay from each and every chain.
Chains that seemed so innocent and chains that seemed so right,
but chains that I locked on myself and chains that I clasped tight.

Are you listening? Are you troubled? Is anybody there?
Does anybody know your pain? Does anybody care?
We do - your family. I do. Though just a Christian friend,
I know that grace trumps judgment - where guilt and suffering end.

He understands you fully. Its you He wants to heal.
Jesus went before you and He knows just how you feel.
Creations' GOD still cries out loud when molding you because,
the God of Love (who had to send - His Son here) surely does.

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED