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September 27, 2013

Soft Crosses 9-27-13

I'm under the leaves of tall coconut trees,
(on trunks that are warped in a curve).
They rustle up high in the oft windy sky.
Enjoying the shade, I observe...

...the Heavens above that are filled so with love
and grace only God can bestow -
from free virgin birth for the people on earth.
I ask, "Have I failed Him so?"

Am I like the leaves that everyone sees,
that wave to and fro in the wind,
drawing attention as if I'm important?
Could that, my dear friends, be a sin?

His sheep, under wool, must be fully faithful -
not warped as the coconut trees.
How is it fitting if I am still sitting -
not helping the poor "least of these"?

How disconcerted am I that Christ suffered?
I hold my small cross close to me.
Genteel, I'm living, but what am I giving?
Are soft crosses not meant to be?

Oh, should I be stunned if my cross isn't cushioned?
I'm carefree- and comforts I seek!
Is love, au contraire, to this cross that I bear
as others are hungry and weak?

Our God sits above and He fills us with love.
We're blessed with His soft, gentle breeze -
on tropical islands with soft, idle hands,
enjoying a lifetime of ease.

I'm under the leaves of tall coconut trees,
(on trunks that are warped in a curve).
They rustle up high in the oft windy sky.
Enjoying the shade, I observe...

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Matthew 6:24 (KJV)
"No man can serve two masters:
for either he will hate the one, and love the other;
or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.
Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

September 24, 2013

Grandpa's Wisdom 9-24-13

Homer 1896-1991

Before the jets, before the planes,
before the cars and traffic lanes,
before genetics changed our corn,
before the IRS was even born,
before CD's and movie stars,
before the rover got to mars -
was born a man, a little tot,
who endured much, but learned a lot.

His life saw many swinging doors
including two hard world wars.
Depression great.  Its pain would gnaw -
and many other things he saw.

I knew him well and we were close.
At times he'd offer me a dose -
of wisdom gained along his way.
I'd listen close to what he'd say.

The years passed by as he grew old
but many truths he had foretold -
respect would lack, expensive gas...
It seems it all has came to pass.

Now, it's not hard to peer beyond
a lack of faithful family bond -
where babies know their father not -
and debt would bury quite a lot.

Where morals lack, great pain will be
and little things called bankruptcy -
yet we can wipe our whole slate clean
and make it so it's never seen.

But when amiss at what we're taught,
when our responsibilities are naught,
when we're in need of steak or ham
we'll ask for more from Uncle Sam.

It seems we do not want to pay
for all the things we have today -
nor want to ever pay, when due,
the moral debt we're going through.

But unlike others 'on the lamb’,
my grandpa was a faithful man -
who read his Bible inside-out
and knew what life was all about.

Oh, one day man will find it out,
(make no mistake and have no doubt),
after kings have misbehaved,
after money buys their slaves,
after parents kill and die,
after homeless babies cry,
after we've lived life our way -
and after death on judgement day.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Revelation 21:8 (KJV)

8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers,
and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars,
shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone:
which is the second death.

September 15, 2013

Morning Light 9-15-13

From ancient times, the church bells chimed
to open up our eyes,
with predawn light from Heaven's might,
to bold and brighter skies.

Above the crops and mountain tops
and score of evergreen -
this fleeting night sees hints of light -
though sun is not yet seen.

On baby blue an amber hue
now glows on fringe of clouds.
So few will glean this wondrous scene
throughout earth's massive crowds.

And here, in flaw, I stand in awe
as I stretch high my hands!
I want to touch - I do, so much -
but life has such demands.

I need some clothes, yet glad for those
who need be highly viewed -
and scarcely live that I might give
so others have some food.

My insides ache, for goodness sake,
for those who have to cope.
Oh, there's no gain from earthly pain
for those who have no hope.

I never knew what I could do -
for I am just a man.
But it's not strange that God can change
the heart that He began.

So now today, I see a ray
as clouds bright edges glisten.
A still, small voice is still the choice
if only we would listen.

Through fervent tears, beyond my years,
I see the birds are singing.
I harmonize now ears and eyes
as church bells keep on ringing.

From ancient times, the church bells chimed
to bold and brighter skies.
Now morning light from Heaven's might,
has opened up my eyes...

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 12, 2013

Those Nail Scars 9-12-13

Must we see it to believe it?
Must we ask the Lord if we
may touch His prints to get some hints
of what has come to be?

A 'doubting one' had seen God's Son.
He saw our Master's hands.
Did Thomas learn and then discern
mere facts to understand?

Are we to seek and take a peek
for proof so we might know?
Are we remiss within our bliss
that our faith fails to grow?

Those nail scars were never ours.
Pure sin had seized those crowds.
But in the end, Christ did ascend
up through the yielding clouds.

So many view, but there are few
who understand 'the fall'.
Through burdens' weight, our Lord was great -
then rose above it all!

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 9, 2013

One More Day 9-9-13

My life is not worth one red cent
for I was never innocent.
I chose to live my selfish way -
and lived it every single day.
So soon prepared, rectangle hole.
They'll close the casket on my soul.
"For all have sinned" and it will be
that I had wished I'd lived for thee.

And when they lay me down to sleep -
they'll dig that hole and dig it deep.
Lost soul, forever, under sod
who lived for 'self' instead of God.
If I had known grace can't be bought,
if I had given life more thought...
If God would grant me one more day,
I'll be sincere and this I'll pray:

"Please humble me, I quote the hymn,
"without one plea...", "just as I am..."
Please grant me faith instead of grief
and save me as you did the thief
who humbled self, who was a man,
who did repent as I, too, can.
Forgive my debts, forgive my sins,
then help me boldly tell my friends."

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 5, 2013

Know It All 9-5-13

While robins sing, alarm clocks ring -
and our whole day is planned.
Birds perch steady.  We get ready.
We settle in quicksand.

The leopard lurks while we're at work.
It seeks its fragile prey.
Important though, our Savior know -
yet we still fail to pray.

Forgetting cross, we please our boss,
while truth is right at hand.
God's loving face and lasting grace -
yet we don't understand.

Do you know what?  Our minds are shut,
when we hear Jesus call.
A life of ease - and then Hades.
We think we know it all.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED