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May 24, 2014

A Dried & Fragile Flower 5-24-14

A dried and fragile flower, I -
hold close to broken heart
that cries in fervent, heavy tears
so Godly peace would start.
It's from my mama's funeral.
Yes, dried, completely dead -
and though it's fragile, I hold close
...to what she always said.
"So many people want to bloom
and live life their own way -
While stems are often hidden, they
support the whole bouquet.

"Beware of pride's deception!
That's what the Bible warns
in Obadiah One, verse three.
Be careful with those thorns.

"Not one small single flower blooms
without the narrow stem -
so treat folks how you'd like to be -
be treated back by them.

"Affect the different colored rose -
and do not them, reject.
Remember, a good Christian has
deep love and great respect."

Now everybody loved my mom -
'cause she loved everyone.
Though poor, was always giving more -
as if she'd just begun.

And mom was very patient too.
For years she went without.
Yet joy was heard in all her prayers.
With that, there was no doubt.

Her words were like this flower here.
And I had always tried -
to comprehend her fragile words
she left before she died.
A dried and fragile flower, I -
hold close to broken heart
that cries in fervent, heavy tears
so Godly peace would start.
It's from my mama's funeral.
Yes, dried, completely dead -
and though it's fragile, I hold close
...to what she always said.

©2014 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Obadiah 1:3 (NASB)
"The arrogance of your heart has deceived you,
You who live in the clefts of the rock,
In the loftiness of your dwelling place,
Who say in your heart, 'Who will bring me down to earth?'"

May 20, 2014

And That Is Why 5-20-14

Children sleep.
Moms cry.
Moms lie awake nights.
That is why.

Children hunger.
Moms cry.
Moms work several chores.
That is why.

Children question.
Moms cry.
Moms know their child's thoughts.
That is why.

Children argue.
Moms cry.
Moms have softer hearts.
That is why.

Children tempted.
Moms cry.
Moms love their children.
That is why.

Children in sin.
Moms cry.
Moms have more wisdom.
That is why.

Children troubled.
Moms cry
pleading with Jesus.
That is why.

Children busy.
Moms cry.
Moms miss them so much.
That is why.

Children absent.
Moms cry
alone in the 'home'.
That is why.
And that is why
God's love can touch.
He sent His Son
who suffered much.

We're children, all -
sinners, mankind.
Confess, repent -
then seek to find.

Moms and children
hug and cry.
Jesus saves
and that is why.

©2014 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


May 17, 2014

Amanda 5-16-14

(based on a true story)

The daughter? About eight or nine -
but very able, was.
Amanda helped her parents out
in stable there because -

the bank had threatened all they had,
demanding every cent.
The housing crisis lingered on.
The stress was great torment.

Now she could make some extra cash
and help them out 'a ton'.
Yes, she could help her daddy out -
while chores were being done...

She took a chalkboard she thought large
and took a piece of chalk.
She headed down the driving way, just
a quarter-mile walk.

She tried to write her letters large
enough so all could see -
in hopes that many drivers there
could see her humble plea.

(actual sign)


The cars drove by, but no one stopped.
It made her feel sad.
She wanted so, to do her part -
but it turned out all bad.

As she had started up the drive
long tears ran down her cheeks -
but she had kept on trying for
those many, many weeks.

She once was very happy but
the stress had seized the fun.
Day after day, she cleaned the stalls
until her chores were done.

The day had come they had to pack.
She woke before the dawn.
The barn was void of any life
with animals now gone.

The kittens, puppies, bunnies were
so very soft to touch -
and with them, horses, llamas too -
she missed them all so much.

The bank had made its billions while
Amanda made her bed.
She knelt with tightly folded hands -
and this is what she said:

"Dear Jesus, love my daddy please.
He worked so very hard.
And he could fix most anything,
around our little yard.
He sacrificed for forty years
and helped so many folk -
but then the stress had worn him out -
depressed, no savings, broke.

I thought my tears were all used up,
had dried and gone away -
but more and more still follow them,
on each horrific day.
Oh Jesus, if Your love is great,
please take dad by the hand -
and lead him by still waters there
into Your 'promise land'.

And mama- she still works so hard.
Lord, what are we to do?
Her tears are in abundance too -
but dollars, very few.
There is no garden here to work.
There is no barn and chores.
There is no future I can see
and no more open doors."
Do you see hungry children?
Do you see 'signs of chalk'?
Are you concerned, speak up enough -
and do you 'walk your talk'?

For God sees inside all our hearts,
He knows who loves the Lord.
You bet He knows how much we give -
or rather, if we hoard.

©2014 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


May 10, 2014

In Case You Just Forgot 5-10-14

Oh, come what may, let mothers say
what's good and what is not.
Though skies are gray, it's child's play.
Are you still just a tot?
Don't be that way, it's quite okay
to give her all you've got.
Hugs can't betray.  Simply obey.
your mom wears polka-dot.

Now don't delay nor let it weigh -
or life is all for naught.
Without essay, just jot away.
You needn't write a lot.
Then find the ray in bright bouquet,
Has heart not one soft spot?
And finally pray.  It's Mother's Day,
(in case you just forgot).

©2014 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


May 6, 2014

Pile Of Leaves 5-6-14

Our knowledge grew but wisdom knew
a massive pile of leaves.
Wind kicked them high.  We watched them fly
on God's stiff autumn breeze.
Without a care they danced up there.
If each one was a letter,
they'd flock like birds creating words
while God put them together.

If words were formed would hearts be warmed
or ruin all our plans?
Are we so smart we'd fall apart
and then make our demands?
Oh, have not we, humility
and other Godly traits?
Please give us peace as burdens cease -
for patience always waits.

Not one's shoving.  Leaves are loving.
They begin this phrase.
"Your disbelief in every leaf
cannot give God the praise!"
Yes, it'd be weird if words appeared
and we'd not have to guess.
But notice there, a simple prayer
that goes something like this:

"Savior Jesus, please don't give us
everything we want.
This world brings so many things -
those things we only flaunt.
So we'll be true to only You
and have no other 'gods'.
Then You may ease our temper please,
so we won't be at odds."

If we can't learn and can't discern,
restrain us then in fetters.
Please underline, bold font is fine -
and then enlarge the letters.
Our knowledge grows - but wisdom knows
a massive pile of leaves.
Wind kicks them high.  We watch them fly
on God's stiff autumn breeze.

©2014 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED