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March 27, 2013

Worse Than That 3-27-13

While I was strolling near a pond
one bright and breezy day,
a splendid scene had caught my eye
in such a special way.

Decided I, to lie a spell,
to take in nature's views.
So I had lain on greener grass
and kicked off both my shoes.

I saw the mirror images which
'bounced' beneath the sky,
on tips of little ripples that had
seemed to tip-toe by.

So beautiful, the lights reflected
off the little pond,
off the dancing water that
had seemed to just respond.

But life is not as it appears.
My thoughts took all this in,
When I had found that I had laid
right in this world's sin.

Once tempted by the greener grass,
well used by dog and cat,
I'm humbled now with just one whiff-
and sin is worse than that.

Don't laugh at me. It's just the way
this evil world turns.
So now I set my eyes on God.
My soul no longer yearns.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


March 11, 2013

Show The Lord 3-11-13

Now everyone was nervous here.  It didn't make much sense. 
The Judge had entered quietly.  The room was very tense. 
"Let's only hear the gospel truth and accusations quench!
This court is now in session." said 'His Honor' from the bench. 

The 'Whip' was not at all deterred and spoke up suddenly, 
"Alive, He was, when I was done - untied and then set free! 
But I had noticed something else when He had left my place. 
I saw Him with the rugged 'Cross'.  Now there's your real case!" 

The 'Cross' responded bluntly and without an ounce of tact, 
"It wasn't me, Your Honor sir, and that is just a fact! 
I didn't do a single thing and really, I did care. 
I merely was the backdrop.  It's the 'Nails' that held Him there!" 

The 'Nails', three, were hence accused but chimed in unison, 
"It wasn't us who had Him killed (God's one and only Son). 
When all the three of us looked up, the truth had come to light - 
that wicked 'Crown' had pierced His scalp and made a gruesome sight!" 

It hushed, the crowd, who set their eyes on such a cruel 'Crown' - 
but it had sought the mercy of the Judge with sorry frown. 
And then it weaved so carefully a short and subtle lie, 
"It wasn't I who killed Him sir, the 'Whip' caused Him to die!" 

And so it was that blame was passed around, around again - 
so tell me, "What had killed Him then - just plain and simple sin?" 
So then that Judge, with piercing eye, had raised his brow at me, 
and said, "You are the guilty one!  I sentence you to be..." 

But then that very instant, a gentle voice was heard. 
The sound had calmed the courthouse down - and every heart was stirred. 
"Unbind those who've repented and were faithful through and through - 
for I have paid the highest price and saved their souls too." 

The Judge slammed down His gavel hard and said, "I will it so!" 
And that is where this story ends.  Are you prepared to go? 
The heart you have you made yourself.  You're humble or you're proud - 
so if acceptance you must have, you're lost among the crowd. 

Don't be the Whip, Cross, Nails or Crown who passed their guilt along - 
who tried to blame somebody else and claimed they did no wrong. 
How long has pride now stole your soul?  Days, weeks, or months, or years? 
Don't pass your guilt to someone else, but show the Lord some tears... 

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


March 4, 2013

Solid Rock 3-4-13

Some people have their head in a cloud
and some people climb on top.
Some people jump from cloud to cloud
and never seem to stop.

Some people dream a million dreams
and some people live to work.
Some people seek fun far and wide
where wages of sin lurk.

They're trapped in a fog of deceptive white
that floats on a hopeless air -
then sooner or later find out that
there's no foundation there.

For God is the only solid rock
where feet can be planted firm -
not in the clouds of 'here and now'
but eternity, long-term.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED