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April 17, 2013

On Timbered Tree 4-17-13

So proud the tree that grew freely
with 'green-backed' leaves to show -
but selfish sins brought greedy winds
that blew them 'to and fro'.

It had begun. The truth was spun.
Some laws were 'redefined'.
They had an itch to bail the rich
but leave us poor behind.

And then, so fast, the leaves they cast
throughout the stormy sky -
where billions tossed were sadly lost -
from bureaucratic lie.

T'was blunder's greed! Bankrupt indeed -
but fail? They were too big!
So bailed out, they gained more clout
that broke each little twig.

Free enterprise then undersized -
had undermined the oak.
The witnesses? Small businesses -
that saw their branches broke.

From smallest twig to branches big,
what future can be bright -
when in a funk we find the trunk
with but two limbs in sight?

Oh, how can we, grow honestly
when love for money gains -
outstripping small when guilty call -
and love for country wanes?

Now every kind of termite find
on timbered tree of thieves.
And debt, the moss, our country's cost -
when missing, are the leaves.

©2013 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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