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October 15, 2022

One Wee Mustard Seed 9-22-22


Did God not create all the stars in the sky -
and put them in motion, Did they not comply?
Did God not create all the things of this earth,
from evenings to mornings, to growing from birth?

Are we so perplexed when we see Jesus still
the winds and the rains and the seas - all at will?
So why do we question what God can accomplish?
Oh, where is our seed of wee faith in His wish?

Disciples and others, now off from the shore,
could not seem to handle the tempest's loud roar.
Would stiff winds and violent waves now condemn
as faith dissipated and fear overtook them?

We've faith in our keys that our cars will all start,
and faith in our chairs that they won't fall apart.
Yet we can't trust God to grant one little need?
Lord, grant me the faith of one wee mustard seed.

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