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September 15, 2022

Lost Wealth & Health 9-19-22

Banks took my wealth,
Satan, my health,
but I am not depressed.
I shall not whine,
for nothing's mine -
yet I have been so blessed.

Just fathom Job.
Put on his robe.
Consider all he had.
There's no debate
that God is great
yet God had more to add.

For through God's touch,
t'was twice as much
that Job had than before.
If patient be,
His gifts you'll see
and God will bless you more.

But it's not wealth
nor my ill health
that matters to me now.
For Heaven's gate,
is where I wait.
Not here with dirt and plow.

©2022 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


September 10, 2022

My Prayer 9-10-22

Dear Lord,
Keep me honest. Keep me pure.
Keep me humble and secure.
Should my wisdom, you increase,
give me strength and lasting peace.
My whole life I've lived in vain,
Through the cross, I gave You pain.
Please forgive my evil ways.
I will serve You all my days.
Draw attention? None to me,
but to You so others see.
Draw me to the spiritual,
so I can leave the physical.
Though I falter here and weep,
forgive me Lord. Grant me sleep.
Raise me up from here below
so I'm with You. Please make it so.

©2022 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED