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April 29, 2008

Allowed or Commanded? 4-29-08

God allows the evening rain - allows the morning dew.
God allows the grass to green yet makes the oceans blue.
God allows such simple things to fly around the sky.
God allows so many things but many don't know 'why'.

God allows successfulness and He allows mistakes.
God allows life-saving herbs but also deadly snakes.
Birds were then allowed to pull the worms up from the sod.
A serpent was allowed removing us from our own God.

God allowed a garden to produce for Adam's need,
then God allowed that serpent to expose his very greed.
God allowed the several plagues to circle around Job
He allows so many things to happen 'round the globe.

But God does not decide for us. He makes it very plain.
God allows that if we want - can work for world gain.
While God does not decide for us, He is in full control,
yet He allows that most of man will lose their very soul.

God allows deception, corruption, lies and sin,
yet He allowed a virgin birth to set things right again.
God demanded His own Son while holding full control.
and God allows the smallest seed to save the wretched soul

If man thinks He has fixed it all and all our work is done,
then why's the world so evil with its people on the run?
God demands not many things - though many we dismiss,
yes, man still lives oblivious and blind to the abyss.

Though Satan cannot master all creations' only God,
in ignorance man stumbles over Satan’s wink and nod.
God allows for all good things - yet He allows the bad,
but He demands an answer too - to fix what once we had.

God did not create the world that He might run it all.
He put us all in charge of it - yet knowing we would fall.
God allows us our free will to do what we might please.
so do we live it purposeful or live a life of ease?

Do we have eyes to see the truth? Tell me if you can,
Where will this whole world end up? What's written in His plan?
Do we have ears to understand? Tell me if you will,
What revelations are for us? What plans will He fulfill?

God allows so many things. What will He not control?
Does God allow so little faith - yet hold my very soul?
God commands the world now but some things does allow.
Does God accept so little faith? Who will He disavow?

If indeed, our faith is strong, as Job's was long ago,
and if our faith is in the Rock, why should we worry so?
If indeed, my faith is strong, just what have I to lose?
God allows both hot or cold. My faith I still can choose.

If we claim to be the clay, willing freely to His hands,
we must accept His final truth: God allows His own commands!
God allows so many things and this I know is true,
and God allows me in His hands. How about you?

©2008 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


April 25, 2008

Believe 4-25-08

Father, thank You for transportation.
Cruise control, comfy seats, air conditioning, of course heat....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
thank You for my feet.

Father, thank You for employment.
Exercise, break time, five o'clock, pay checks, insurance plans....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
thank You for my hands.

Father, thank You for knowledge.
Ears to hear, education, understanding seas and skies....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
thank You for my eyes.

Father, thank You for exploration.
Vacations, airline travel - so many things to find....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
thank You for my mind.

Father, thank You for entertainment.
Games, puzzles, hobbies, sports, carnivals, recreation, fun -
but thank You, Father, most of all -
thank You for Your Son.

Father, thank You for all beauty.
Mountain streams, meadows, fish in oceans, flying geese above...
but thank You, Father, most of all -
thank You for Your love.

Father, thank You for all creation.
Newborn babies, mothers, grandmothers, people of every race....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
thank You for Your grace.

Father, thank You for government.
Great people, great battles, great nations - many down You hurled....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
that You so loved Your world.

Father, thank You for tribulation.
Temptations, separation, disease, pain and even death....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
for choosing us by faith.

Father, thank You for Your awesome power.
Hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, the forgiveness we receive....
but thank You, Father, most of all -
for helping me believe.

©2008 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


April 20, 2008

The Solid Rock 4-20-08

Because of God, there is creation.
Because of creation, there is truth.
Because of truth, there is love.
Because of love, there is grace.
Because of grace, there is Christ.
Because of Christ, there is virgin birth.
Because of virgin birth, there is perfection.
Because of perfection, there is sacrifice.
Because of sacrifice, there is crucifixion.
Because of crucifixion, there is blood.
Because of blood, there is forgiveness.
Because of forgiveness, there is death.
Because of death, there is resurrection.
Because of resurrection, there is life.
Because of life, there is joy.
Because of joy, there is peace.
Because of peace, there is hope.
Because of hope, there is belief.
Because of belief, there is faith.
Because of faith, there is study.
Because of study, there is knowledge.
Because of knowledge, there is understanding.
Because of understanding, there is duty.
Because of duty, I tell you.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, protected by His nail-scarred hand.
He leads me by the waters blue, He's everything I think and do.
My life complete - is full and free, for I rest in Him faithfully.
And certainly, some day I'll die - but in His arms I will not cry.

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


April 10, 2008

Our God Reigns! 4-10-08

Mary was a virgin the angel did adorn...
and Christ was born. (Luke 1)
Peter and Andrew, fishermen, and in the net they hauled...
for Jesus called. (Matt 4)
The storm was fierce. On deck the waves had swept...
but Jesus slept. (Matt 8)
The disciples were frightened and thought that they'd be killed...
but Jesus stilled. (Matt 8)
Seeing something on the water Peter questioned, talked...
but Jesus walked. (Matt 14)
So Peter stepped out - and tried he would...
but Jesus could. (Matt 14)
A multitude, five thousand! The disciples unprepared...
but Jesus shared. (Matt 14)
There were only two fish and five loaves of bread...
but Jesus fed. (Matt 14)
Lazarus had died. Four days in a tomb, was kept...
and Jesus wept. (John 11)
They thought it all impossible. They had it all appraised...
But Jesus raised. (John 11)
The disciples would not realize and off to sleep they'd fade...
but Jesus prayed. (Mark 14)
The cup didn't pass and betrayed by a kiss...
Would He remiss? (Luke 22)
Pilate questioned. He hurt the peoples pride...
so Jesus died. (Matt 27)
To stop another miracle, because He many healed...
the stone was sealed. (Matt 27)
The linen lay there neatly. The stone was rolled away...
to their dismay. (Matt 28)
Though dead from head down to His toes...
yes, Jesus rose. (Matt 28)
A lifetime full of miracles - yet some still doubted much...
so Thomas touched. (John 20)
A still, small voice is calling, though the world hates -
He still awaits. (1 Kings 19)
Jesus healed many. The faithful He forgives -
because He lives! (Matt 28)
He loosens all sins darkest chains.
Yes, hallelujah! Our God reigns! (Psalm 47)

©2008 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED