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November 29, 2013

Her Old Rocker 11-29-13

I quietly sat in her rocker -
a squeaky and rickety chair.
With paint almost gone, it had weathered -
but no, I did not even care.

The folks in the yard were all browsing.
The yard sale was going quite well.
As people were searching through items,
a man came and asked if I'd sell.

He asked if I'd sell her old rocker.
He asked me what I'd sell it for.
He gave a most generous offer -
then said he could pay a bit more.

I answered, "Her chair's not for sale.
My grandmother used it a lot.
She held me as we both rocked gently
right here in this very same spot.

I turned back the years to my childhood -
It seemed it was just yesterday.
Through planting and summer and harvest,
she whispered in music this way,

"I love you just like Jesus loves you.
I'll hold you as long as I live.
And if you have faith in me darling,
I promise to always forgive."

The man smiled sincerely and stated,
"I can't afford one quite like that.
Your rocker there surely is priceless."
He left with a tip of his hat.

I smiled yet my eyes became watered -
as visions of grandma came back.
She sat in this very same rocker -
when she had her last heart attack.

In Heaven she has a new rocker -
without all the paint worn away.
She holds a young child without mother
and whispers the very same way...

"She loves you just like Jesus loves you.
Regretting her choice, she'd relive.
But pray that she's trusting the Father -
He's faithful and sure to forgive."

I quietly sat in her rocker -
a squeaky and rickety chair.
With paint almost gone, it had weathered -
but no, I did not even care.

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November 26, 2013

I LOVE AMERICA! 11-26-13

I don't love America because of its free economy.
I don't love America because of its strong military.
I don't love America because of its great inventions.
I don't love America because we can worship freely.
I don't love America because I can get my free stuff.
I don't love America because we care for one another.
I don't love America because I can make a ton of money.
I don't love America because my political party is in power.
I don't love America because we protect our interests around the world.
I don't love America because over a million innocent babies are killed each year
& I don't love America because we've replaced them with illegals jumping our borders.

No, I LOVE AMERICA because "WE, THE PEOPLE" can be a
God fearing, people helping,
infant holding, child rearing,
moral raising, disabled curing,
humble praying, Bible reading,
Jesus trusting, history teaching,
fact checking, truth telling,
pastor preaching, gospel breathing,
hard working, earth-moving,
family loving, elderly caring,
honest speaking, respect keeping,
humble swearing, fair sentencing,
environment respecting, heaven searching,
government limiting, bureaucrat checking,
conservative spending, tax repealing,
federal limiting, priority budgeting,
rights protecting, liberty voting,
forward focusing, Constitution defending,
veteran supporting, enemy defeating,
flag waving, freedom fighting,
always standing, never caving,
sometimes talking, always walking,
ever seeking, promise keeping,
UNITED PEOPLE once again.
(if we, but will fight for it).
From black to white,
from deaf to dumb,

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November 25, 2013

Bounce Back Up! 11-25-13

Why do the people swiftly pass?
Do they not know they trample grass?
Pray tell me, is life ever fair
and really, does creation care?

Beneath the hidden sun at noon,
beneath the silent crescent moon,
beneath the dark and cloudy sky,
beneath it all, do we know why?

Beneath the laws and rampant crimes,
beneath the troubles of these times,
beneath the blizzards of all sins,
beneath the toil, God's work begins.

As with the sparrow in God's hand,
the truth of love will always stand.
And blessed with our Creator's touch,
our torment will not matter much.

Beneath the snow, beneath the sod,
beneath all things- we must trust God.
For God raised up His faithful One -
so don't forget His only Son.

Our prayers see answers all around
as snow starts melting from the ground.
In spring when ice is melted off,
the faithful stand to silence scoff.

One answer proves (though very small),
that God can save right through it all.
So should they stop and pause to pass
they'll find this single blade of grass.

For God created, God has made -
and faithful I, as single blade.
Forgive, I shall, their rushing on -
and bounce back up when trod upon.

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


November 13, 2013

Taste God's Love Again! 11-13-13

Tall trees are swaying to and fro.
The stiffness of the breeze is such
that I can feel the frigid wind.
I try, but cannot see its touch.

My nose is nudged by autumn's breeze,
but what is really meant -
by fragrances that breezes send?
I try, but cannot see its scent.

There's rustling from some fallen leaves
that swirl around the ground.
They seem to try to speak to me.
I try, but cannot see their sound.

I savor flavor on my tongue,
that it not go to waste -
yet stomach yearns for sustenance.
I try, but cannot see its taste.

The feel or scent or sound or taste -
our eyes won't comprehend.
We, only by our eyes, believe.
On senses, we depend.

Accumulate, we do, so much.
We see the things we've stored.
We search all our possessions through.
We try, but cannot find the Lord.

If hands can't hold the truth of life,
if lungs can't breathe the thrill,
if ears can't hear His still small voice -
then taste our death, we will.

The purest blood may fill the vein
and freshest air, the lung -
but blind and dead we'll ever be -
if we but taste with tongue!

IF we touch only physical.
IF follow we, our nose.
IF hear we, only mortal words
we'll taste but earthly woes.

But feel, if we, the spiritual,
and peace can fill our lungs,
and truth can teach our selfish ears,
great joy can voice our tongues!

So feel it now - the Master's touch -
and breathe His blessings in -
and hear the music of God's grace -
and taste God's love again!

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Jeremiah 5:21 (NASB)
21 21 
‘Now hear this, O foolish and senseless people,
Who have eyes but do not see;
Who have ears but do not hear.

November 5, 2013

Tears Of Joy 11-5-13

I'd worked and sacrificed and slaved with neverending toil -
and planted many seeds of doubt in rich, organic soil.

The cultivated soil that I, had worked down deep within,
was fertilized with years of pain that nourished all my sin.

Then when the ground that I had worked had watered all my seeds -
astonishing, the lesson learned - that I had planted weeds.

Depressed, I was and feeling low.  This isn't what I'd planned.
Oh, why was I so tired of life?  I didn't understand.

I dug them up, the big and small - those sins that tore me up -
and then confessed them to my Lord - who overflowed my cup.

So now when weeds of doubt arise, my God and I destroy -
and He replants my seeds to life, while I cry tears of joy.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED