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July 8, 2009

Who? 7-8-09

We read, each day, Your Holy Word.
We know that it is true.
We promise to obey you Lord
but 'what' are we to do?

We read and understand Your Word,
You know our lives are pure.
We promise to obey you Lord -
but 'when?' - we're not so sure.

We read and comprehend Your Word,
We sometimes inward grow.
We promise to obey you Lord -
but 'where' are we to go?

We are as ready as Your Word,
prepared to follow You.
We promised to obey you Lord -
but 'who' should follow through?

We always keep on promising
and say we'll do our best -
but when it gets right down to it
our 'will' has taken rest.

Well, Jesus took up His own cross -
and died for me and you -
and Jesus did not ask and ask -
the 'what', 'when', 'where', or 'who'....

'WHAT' we do - is follow Him.
The 'WHEN' is now, you see.
'WHERE' is to lost, dying souls,
and 'WHO' is always "me".

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


July 6, 2009

The End 7-6-09

Oh, 30,000 days or so -
those are the pages most will go.
Though maybe sooner in your book -
Just read your pages - take a look.
Learning life had just begun -
began to walk and then to run.
Trips to the zoo - the lion cage.
Another day, another page....

Then in school with papers, pens,
socially too, made special friends.
You passed your adolescent age.
Another day, another page....

Oh, you had life all figured out -
through your thoughts there was no doubt -
Life was good, your friends engaged.
Another day, another page....

Support abortion on demand!
A baby? Not what you had planned.
If some opposed, you got enraged!
Another day, another page....

Money too and debt thereon,
with all you got our hands upon.
You then demanded higher wage.
Another day, another page....

Focused on yourself instead -
chapter after chapter read.
The time flew fast and you had aged.
Another day, another page....

Final wrinkles took their hold -
now you admit you're getting old.
Alone you lived - your final stage.
Another day, another page....
Searching, searching, day to day,
we filled our books in our own way -
Though some fought death, by "hook or crook" -
we knew that God still held the book.

God's fast-food strength we happened on -
and instant grace we cashed in on -
but faithless days and days of sin -
the 'Book of Life', our names are in?

It's not too late to humble some,
and to our God and Savior come.
If Jesus in our books, will spend -
then happy are the words: "The End"

Words on pages, perfect spelled
when in His hands our books are held.
Our God and Savior we'll discover -
when He closes our back cover....

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED