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October 30, 2012

Christian Poets 10-30-12

We love, remember, reminisce -
God's Christian poets who we miss...
but will, in Heaven, together be,
to praise again in poetry~!

2012 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


October 25, 2012

His Work 10-25-12

He laid a sheet of paper down
upon a table top -
and from his chair he wrote and wrote
so faithfully, non-stop.

They laughed at him and bragged about
the works that they had done.
They filled vast reams of papers, yet -
he had but only one.

They boasted of their many works
their fancy hands exposed.
Great works in rich calligraphy
were pridefully disclosed.

Again they stood around and laughed,
but never did he gloat.
They laughed and scoffed and scoffed and laughed
at everything he wrote..

His life was written on one page -
but what? I didn't know.
The paper he had laying there
was white as driven snow.

Sorrow filled his teary face.
This world fatigued his soul.
The agony that he endured
had taken quite a toll.

I saw that many people judged,
made fun of and demeaned,
ridiculed and criticized
his lack of works they'd seen.

Yet faithfully, he wrote much more.
Were no works written there?
Still blank, his paper had appeared.
I thought it quite unfair.

Unfair that he was working hard
on words that wouldn't be.
Unfair that he was judged by those
on work they couldn't see.

Sometimes we think life's all in vain -
those things we do for God -
but He knows every one of us
and how, through life, we've trod.

It's not the works that we can see
that's valued on our page -
but rather what was done in love
that God will one day gauge.

So why was it completely blank?
Confused, I stopped to think -
but then I learned his work was penned
with tears instead of ink.

Yes, God knows our compassion.
So ponder this, it's true:
God floods His grace upon His world,
gets faithfulness from few.

©2012 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


October 24, 2012

Where Are You Lord? 10-24-12

I searched and searched but couldn't find -
along still waters I was blind.
I was confused, I was dismayed
until I stopped, until I prayed...

Where are You Lord?

Soften my selfish eyes that stray
that I might see a better way -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Soften my selfish ears of choice
that I might hear Your still, small voice -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Soften my selfish hands that wring
that can't hold firm to Your blessing -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Soften my straight and prideful nose
that I won't judge and won't suppose -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Soften my foolish, selfish words
so I'll enjoy Your singing birds -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Soften me as a potter would
who'll mold me into what I should -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Soften me with a discipline
that I might stop, turn, then begin -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Soften my selfish heart so I
might feel the hurt, the faintest cry -
so I can find You.

Where are You Lord?

Were still waters meant to be?
Although I searched, I couldn't see.
Yet there behind me all the way
was Jesus.  Then I heard Him say,

"I am in all
nature, beauty and goodness,
power, supremacy and holiness,
wrath, sovereignty and greatness,
mercy, compassion and fairness,
grace, knowledge and boldness,
respect, teaching and kindness,
love, patience and faithfulness,
loyalty, giving and happiness,
peace, joy and gladness".

I had searched, but couldn't see -
and I was at a loss -
until I stopped and He found me -
from high upon a cross.

So now it is
I follow Him -
in hands that are the Potter's -
faithfully and steadfast,
with endurance and perseverance,
along His peaceful waters.

©2012 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


October 14, 2012

Washed Away 10-14-12

Do our hearts ache when swift waves break
and wash up sandy beach
or do the waves sing, "Jesus saves!"
when up on beaches reach?
Does 'make life fair' entwine our prayer
though time cannot reverse?
His divine force would change our course
for better - not for worse.

Our free-will stalk will alter walk.
We travel where we will.
Through other lands or beach head sands,
we'll traverse on until -
our final stride meets where we died
and breath no longer flows -
and final prints expose all hints.
...for that is how life goes.

As I looked back, my lifelong track -
I was so much dismayed.
I persevered - but disappeared
those tracks in life I made.
My earthly talk was not all walk.
Again I look around.
With seashore grim, so stunned I am.
My prints cannot be found.

All lost one day and washed away -
a life I lived in haste -
and purpose quashed when prints were washed,
away - ohhh, what a waste!
I don't succumb, but ponder some -
now when I bow to pray.
And so it was, His waves, because
He washed my sins away!

Divine, His grace, hung in my place
when Jesus died instead.
With sins forgiv'n, I bound for Heav'n.
My earthly work is dead.
Let heart not ache, when waves should break
to smooth out wicked beach -
but follow yon His footsteps on,
'til destination reach.

©2012 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED