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October 14, 2012

Washed Away 10-14-12

Do our hearts ache when swift waves break
and wash up sandy beach
or do the waves sing, "Jesus saves!"
when up on beaches reach?
Does 'make life fair' entwine our prayer
though time cannot reverse?
His divine force would change our course
for better - not for worse.

Our free-will stalk will alter walk.
We travel where we will.
Through other lands or beach head sands,
we'll traverse on until -
our final stride meets where we died
and breath no longer flows -
and final prints expose all hints.
...for that is how life goes.

As I looked back, my lifelong track -
I was so much dismayed.
I persevered - but disappeared
those tracks in life I made.
My earthly talk was not all walk.
Again I look around.
With seashore grim, so stunned I am.
My prints cannot be found.

All lost one day and washed away -
a life I lived in haste -
and purpose quashed when prints were washed,
away - ohhh, what a waste!
I don't succumb, but ponder some -
now when I bow to pray.
And so it was, His waves, because
He washed my sins away!

Divine, His grace, hung in my place
when Jesus died instead.
With sins forgiv'n, I bound for Heav'n.
My earthly work is dead.
Let heart not ache, when waves should break
to smooth out wicked beach -
but follow yon His footsteps on,
'til destination reach.

©2012 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. Louie
    I thank God that He knows my heart. He knows that even when I make mistakes I am trying to live for Him. I take comfort in knowing that God knows all. I think this is a great poem and has much truth in it.


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