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July 30, 2014

The Great Poet 7-30-14

Oh, God is the great poet,
the universe of rhymes.
With perfect balance- all His stars
yet speak in these dark times.

Our Great Creator perfectly
sets worlds with his dictate -
while man discovers one small speck
then thinks that he is great.

He boasts of all his theories
and brags of every gain,
but can't interpret simple things -
or gravity explain.

He sits atop his buildings.
He peers down his long nose,
but topples with confusing words -
for that is how it goes.

Oh, God is the great poet -
the universe of rhymes.
With perfect balance- all His stars
yet speak in these dark times.

©2014 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

July 1, 2014

Pretend 7-1-14

Pretending as I have since birth
right up to now, today -
those fun and selfish things I've spun
to get things my own way.

Well, I would always cry and whine
if I was not chastised -
and tantrums were my specialty
if wants weren't realized.

As teens, my friends and I would joke.
We'd smoke a cigarette.
We sometimes laughed at other folk,
without the least regret.

The beer I drank had proved me cool.
the drugs, to get me high.
Abortion took a precious life -
deception's selfish lie.

Yet at the top of my own list
were comforts by the score...
from better cars to bigger homes
and oh, so much, much more.

I thought about how good I was -
and things that I deserved.
I bragged about the good I'd done
and all the folks I'd served.

I slammed the door on all those things
I'd just as soon forget -
but stubborn guilt had gripped me so
and hadn't left me yet.

Convince myself, I still do try
and fool my closest friend -
but Heaven, though, cannot be fooled
and God does not pretend.

(author's note: I did not smoke, drink or do drugs)
©2014 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED