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June 26, 2009

Hard To Come By 6-28-09

As wars break out, hurt innocent,
through torture, hate and lie.
To see these deaths, it saddens me -
and words are hard to come by....

When schools teach our children
that God they can deny -
the school shootings sadden me -
and words are hard to come by....

When churches want to compromise,
compassioned speech supply -
When truth is dead, it saddens me -
and words are hard to come by....

When parents through their anger
will see their children cry.
This child abuse so saddens me -
and words are hard to come by....

When judges, with our documents,
our wants, through law imply -
abortion deaths, they sadden me -
and words are hard to come by....

Oh, sin on earth grows daily -
hate escalates so high.
When sinful actions sadden me -
the words are hard to come by....

Point your finger, pass the buck.
Actions speak - so hear them cry.
Their louder voices sadden me,
and words are hard to come by....

So if you must - accuse me quick -
if truth refuse to buy.
Oh, will we learn on judgment day -
that words are hard to come by...?

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 25, 2009

Can I See? 6-25-09

All is dark and all is sin
when there's no speck of light -
but God brought light into the world.
He shines so very bright.

When life is tough and growing dark,
when I can barely see -
it's then I have to ask myself,
"Has God withdrawn or me?"

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 23, 2009

The Answer Screams 6-23-09

There is turmoil in the world today.
What side is America on?
The side of 'diplomatic correctness' or truth?

I searched the earth, the land and sea,
I searched through church and even me....
I searched and searched - but found it not.
How can we find - what we've forgot?

I searched out far, to other lands,
through darkened forests, desert sands....
I searched and searched - but found it not.
How can we find - what we've forgot?

I searched up high, the stars, the skies,
and also asked the learned and wise....
I searched and searched - but found it not.
How can we find - if we know not?

Somewhere, one answer's right, we know -
between our God - and Hell below.
To find it, man has done his best,
When looking north - south, east and west.

We know this world's in downward spin.
As people die, they die within.
Why does it seem - few people care?
And do we miss the answer there?

Then at His cross - His love, His grace,
I stumbled some to see His face -
And from this cross, as He looked down,
blood still dripping, off His crown.

He looked at me in such a way,
that I remember to this day -
my sin I could not least disguise -
as He peered in, my hopeful eyes.

Despite His face, so bloody, stained,
despite His cuts, despite His pain,
despite the nails through hands and feet,
my searching still was incomplete.

He then relayed a final clue.
I asked, "What can one Christian do?
Just one of me will never do."
I found it not, my answers few.

And this is why, what's done is done.
The truth, I feared, would weigh a ton.
I could not stand to see His face,
so I looked down in deep disgrace.

Then humbled by what I saw next,
I saw not one, but two objects.
I searched no more, for on the ground -
This answer clearly I had found.

Sometimes the answer's like our dreams -
and isn't really what it seems -
and this time I was in a fix....
Truth hit me like a ton of bricks.

It's not in all the things I hold.
It's not my money or my gold.
The answer's here and it's complete,
beneath our Savior's bloody feet.

I thought, how can I lift my cross,
when I, His sandals, step across?
Challenging, our earthly scandals.
The answer screams, "His Holy Sandals!"

At first, quite stunned, I gazed upon -
then reverantly I slipped them on.
If on this cross His work is done,
then here my work has just begun.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Luke 12:32-34 (NASB)
32"Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom.
33"Sell your possessions and give to charity; make yourselves money belts which do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near nor moth destroys.
34"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

June 21, 2009

A Child's Prayer 6-21-09

I saw a little girl reaching up for her mothers hand.
All the little girl wanted was a little love and comfort.
I began to ponder the little girls thoughts....

I woke right up this morning but
my mommy wasn't there.
The sun was shining brightly though,
so knew my mommy cared.
I pulled off my pajamas,
put on my favorite dress,
went down to find my mommy and,
with many hopes, impress.

Though she was drinking coffee,
with phone up to her ear -
I said, "Good morning mommy!
I'm very glad you're here."
I must have interrupted her.
I guess she didn't hear,
so I mouthed the words, "I love You"
- tried hard to whisper clear.

I made myself some cereal
as I, each morning, do.
Some say she doesn't love me but,
I know it isn't true.
When finished with my breakfast,
I thought I heard her scoff -
but put the dishes in the sink
and cleared the table off.

Then later on that morning
while going into town -
the radio had blared as if,
I was not around.
While in the mall together,
I reached up for her hand.
I guess she didn't see it or
she didn't understand.

Later, in my room alone -
(just my doll and me)
I heard her call for dinner with
a book and her TV.
The microwave had sounded,
while she sat on the couch.
She didn't ever smile much,
but she was not a grouch.

Tonight, here on my bed I am,
and laying on my back,
some tears are rolling down my cheeks -
my mom's a bit off-track.
So a little prayer I whisper,
(eyes covered with each palm).
I say a prayer to Jesus then -
I thank Him for my mom.

"Jesus, mommy loves me -
no matter what You see.
  She gives me everything I need.
 Please Jesus, just agree ."

 "Mommy is so short of time -
 in circles, she gets dizzy -
so if you get a chance, dear Lord -
please help her.  She's so busy.

"She's working very hard, you know -
such little time, has she.
I know, if she was here right now -
she'd dry these tears for me.

"So Jesus, don't be angry.
I love her quite a lot.
  Please help her with her troubles 'cause,
 my mom is all I've got."

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 19, 2009

Special Times 6-19-09

A little different poem again.
I hope you like the 'contrast'
between the two individuals.

My heart pumps harder every beat.
Sweat runs faster in the heat.
The sidewalk, our familiar beat,
as dad enjoys the warming heat.

I'm swamped with work, my patience thin.
I do my best - but cannot win!
His lungs are weak, his face is thin,
but with our love, we always win.

I must be prompt - and on a dime,
but I'll be late. There isn't time!
He's broke and no one spares a dime -
but jointly - precious is our time.

The meeting started half-past-ten
and now I will be late again!
The time we spend, we rate a "10"
so I'll return - again, again.

I'll be late. I think, "Oh, well."
Trouble, I can always spell.
I know the plastic handles well -
"Father, should we stop a spell?"

Small weeds in cracks on sidewalk die,
as I fly past, I run them by....
The flowers seem to never die.
We smell those flowers - not pass by.

The elevator, I jump on,
the second floor, I push upon.
We rested some, and then walked on -
Us, others fixed their gaze upon.

Finally there, alone I stood -
I saw him stare (this isn't good).
Beside my dad, I faithful stood -
enjoying life - as this is good.


Good health (like fragrance) fades away -
So smell those flowers every day.
For I'll not trade a day I've had -
those special times with good 'ol dad.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 15, 2009

A Matter Of Time 6-15-09

That one specific day will come
when we will feel real dumb.
What do we know?
What do we really know?

One day we will pull off our mask
and to ourselves will surely ask,
"Where did life go?"
"Where did life really go?"

Hither, yon - possessions transfer
but as of yet - have no answer,
"What's the purpose?"
"What's the real purpose?"

With the barber, dentist, grocer -
our own funeral's getting closer.
"What seeds did we sow?"
"What seeds did we really sow?"

Our bodies rot, our souls will live.
Did faith endure? Did God forgive?
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we really go?"

Life is silly, so absurd
with all the things that we have heard.
"How low does it get?"
"How low does it really get?"

Does it go as low as hell,
if in our soul the Devil dwell?
"Does it make us sweat?"
"Does it make us really sweat?"

....that one specific day will come
when we will feel real dumb.
What do we know?
What do we really know?

Will on that specific day we know,
if our souls are really white as snow?
Will we be ready?
Will we be really ready?

Grace is here for everyone
but faith is only held by some.
Oh, it's just a matter of time,
we'll know this world ain't worth a dime.

What do I know?
What do I really know?
We, each other, simply mime.
It's just a matter of (God's) time....

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 10, 2009

Puzzled? 6-10-09

Is something in life missing?
Do you still bear the cost?
Do you still feel empty
and know that something's lost?

Are you feeling down and out?
Is life so very bad?
Still looking for an answer?
Puzzled - very sad?
Sometimes, in life, the pieces
don't always seem to fit -
it's then we feel so empty
and really want to quit.

As with me, I'd focus
on life's tremendous wealth.
I thought I saw the picture of -
its riches and good health.

At first I worked the border.
The colors I'd assess -
and then I'd push another in,
and thought I'd found success.

Searching, searching, searching more,
I'd find another clue -
and as the larger picture cleared,
I'd get a better view.

Still working in great diligence
I'd press more pieces in -
but as the picture took its shape,
I found myself in sin.

There were some pieces missing -
and many questions raised -
but as it came apparent I -
sat speechless and amazed.

That puzzle seemed much brighter
than sunny cloudless weather.
The less I strained to see it,
the more it came together!

The sky exquisite, stunning -
with deepest, bluest blues -
and buildings never seen before -
were fascinating hues.

Tall alabaster columns,
reflected spectrum's light -
and set apart from specks of dust -
appeared so pure and bright.

The lines between the pieces
had seemed to disappear -
and as I saw that picture,
my head began to clear.

The puzzle - nearly finished -
as life had sought out fun,
the center of my hearts own work
was missing that last one.

The missing piece was at my door -
years, waiting to come in -
I never heard the knocking though -
for I was dead in sin.

I felt so lost, inadequate -
compelled to see it then -
so I broke down on both my knees
and sought that piece again.

Grace brought it all together.
Through faith, life sure is sweet.
Until Christ placed that final piece -
my life was incomplete.

I could not put it in myself,
for humbleness is key -
but now that missing puzzle piece
is locked in there for me.

So if in life, discouraged,
you want to call it quits -
just pray out loud to Jesus.
His puzzle piece still fits.
You know your life is fleeting.
you know your life will cease.
So just allow God's only Son
to place your final piece.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 8, 2009

Hanging On 6-8-09

You looked to Me - why stay lukewarm?
Temptations always bring a storm.
Although My truth is flowing free,
why cast your heavy doubts on Me?

Still to that cross, I'm hanging on,
so tell me who you look upon?
Although My Spirit's flowing free,
why, so oft', can you not see?

Still nailed to mine, as suffering soared.
I did not leave - but took the sword.
You know My grace is flowing free,
so why, such little faith, have ye?

I did not leave - but did you, yours?
-despite the pain, despite the sores?
And while My wrath is flowing free,
why (holds pride) your rigid knee?

As trials come... You hanging on?
Now tell me who you call upon!
Although My love is flowing free,
why no prayers? -but now blame Me?

My work is done. Father commands.
Just take a look at both my hands.
Don't look at self - but look to me,
and all temptations lies will flee.

Sufficient is Our perfect grace -
but faith must focus on My face.
So don't forget My rugged tree -
and safe in arms you'll always be.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED