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June 8, 2009

Hanging On 6-8-09

You looked to Me - why stay lukewarm?
Temptations always bring a storm.
Although My truth is flowing free,
why cast your heavy doubts on Me?

Still to that cross, I'm hanging on,
so tell me who you look upon?
Although My Spirit's flowing free,
why, so oft', can you not see?

Still nailed to mine, as suffering soared.
I did not leave - but took the sword.
You know My grace is flowing free,
so why, such little faith, have ye?

I did not leave - but did you, yours?
-despite the pain, despite the sores?
And while My wrath is flowing free,
why (holds pride) your rigid knee?

As trials come... You hanging on?
Now tell me who you call upon!
Although My love is flowing free,
why no prayers? -but now blame Me?

My work is done. Father commands.
Just take a look at both my hands.
Don't look at self - but look to me,
and all temptations lies will flee.

Sufficient is Our perfect grace -
but faith must focus on My face.
So don't forget My rugged tree -
and safe in arms you'll always be.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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