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June 10, 2009

Puzzled? 6-10-09

Is something in life missing?
Do you still bear the cost?
Do you still feel empty
and know that something's lost?

Are you feeling down and out?
Is life so very bad?
Still looking for an answer?
Puzzled - very sad?
Sometimes, in life, the pieces
don't always seem to fit -
it's then we feel so empty
and really want to quit.

As with me, I'd focus
on life's tremendous wealth.
I thought I saw the picture of -
its riches and good health.

At first I worked the border.
The colors I'd assess -
and then I'd push another in,
and thought I'd found success.

Searching, searching, searching more,
I'd find another clue -
and as the larger picture cleared,
I'd get a better view.

Still working in great diligence
I'd press more pieces in -
but as the picture took its shape,
I found myself in sin.

There were some pieces missing -
and many questions raised -
but as it came apparent I -
sat speechless and amazed.

That puzzle seemed much brighter
than sunny cloudless weather.
The less I strained to see it,
the more it came together!

The sky exquisite, stunning -
with deepest, bluest blues -
and buildings never seen before -
were fascinating hues.

Tall alabaster columns,
reflected spectrum's light -
and set apart from specks of dust -
appeared so pure and bright.

The lines between the pieces
had seemed to disappear -
and as I saw that picture,
my head began to clear.

The puzzle - nearly finished -
as life had sought out fun,
the center of my hearts own work
was missing that last one.

The missing piece was at my door -
years, waiting to come in -
I never heard the knocking though -
for I was dead in sin.

I felt so lost, inadequate -
compelled to see it then -
so I broke down on both my knees
and sought that piece again.

Grace brought it all together.
Through faith, life sure is sweet.
Until Christ placed that final piece -
my life was incomplete.

I could not put it in myself,
for humbleness is key -
but now that missing puzzle piece
is locked in there for me.

So if in life, discouraged,
you want to call it quits -
just pray out loud to Jesus.
His puzzle piece still fits.
You know your life is fleeting.
you know your life will cease.
So just allow God's only Son
to place your final piece.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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