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June 19, 2009

Special Times 6-19-09

A little different poem again.
I hope you like the 'contrast'
between the two individuals.

My heart pumps harder every beat.
Sweat runs faster in the heat.
The sidewalk, our familiar beat,
as dad enjoys the warming heat.

I'm swamped with work, my patience thin.
I do my best - but cannot win!
His lungs are weak, his face is thin,
but with our love, we always win.

I must be prompt - and on a dime,
but I'll be late. There isn't time!
He's broke and no one spares a dime -
but jointly - precious is our time.

The meeting started half-past-ten
and now I will be late again!
The time we spend, we rate a "10"
so I'll return - again, again.

I'll be late. I think, "Oh, well."
Trouble, I can always spell.
I know the plastic handles well -
"Father, should we stop a spell?"

Small weeds in cracks on sidewalk die,
as I fly past, I run them by....
The flowers seem to never die.
We smell those flowers - not pass by.

The elevator, I jump on,
the second floor, I push upon.
We rested some, and then walked on -
Us, others fixed their gaze upon.

Finally there, alone I stood -
I saw him stare (this isn't good).
Beside my dad, I faithful stood -
enjoying life - as this is good.


Good health (like fragrance) fades away -
So smell those flowers every day.
For I'll not trade a day I've had -
those special times with good 'ol dad.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. This touched my heart Louis. We need to treasure each moment. While we have our loved ones. They are so important. ~ Susan


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