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June 15, 2009

A Matter Of Time 6-15-09

That one specific day will come
when we will feel real dumb.
What do we know?
What do we really know?

One day we will pull off our mask
and to ourselves will surely ask,
"Where did life go?"
"Where did life really go?"

Hither, yon - possessions transfer
but as of yet - have no answer,
"What's the purpose?"
"What's the real purpose?"

With the barber, dentist, grocer -
our own funeral's getting closer.
"What seeds did we sow?"
"What seeds did we really sow?"

Our bodies rot, our souls will live.
Did faith endure? Did God forgive?
"Where do we go?"
"Where do we really go?"

Life is silly, so absurd
with all the things that we have heard.
"How low does it get?"
"How low does it really get?"

Does it go as low as hell,
if in our soul the Devil dwell?
"Does it make us sweat?"
"Does it make us really sweat?"

....that one specific day will come
when we will feel real dumb.
What do we know?
What do we really know?

Will on that specific day we know,
if our souls are really white as snow?
Will we be ready?
Will we be really ready?

Grace is here for everyone
but faith is only held by some.
Oh, it's just a matter of time,
we'll know this world ain't worth a dime.

What do I know?
What do I really know?
We, each other, simply mime.
It's just a matter of (God's) time....

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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