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June 28, 2013

Dear IRS 6-28-13

Dear IRS:

It doesn't make sense
proving our innocence.
We're sorry for all of this fuss...
but how does it feel
pushed back on your heels -
like you've done to most all of us?

You can't get a handle
on criminal scandals.
The rules you break are your own.
Your head's in a fog.
You live 'high on the hog' -
while our children are chewing the bone.

Now who can control
all you arrogant souls?
You hide behind bulletproof glass.
You've wasted our money
and you think it's funny -
but this time you won't get a pass.

The truth you will shift
as you're 'pleading the fifth'.
Your actions stink worse than a sewer.
Your laughable lies
are now spreading like flies -
in a barnyard that's full of manure.

You trade each, your praises,
then give yourselves raises -
and now you're paid more than before!
You claim you are sorry
but sip on your chablis -
then ask for a billion bucks more!

Your image, you've wrecked.
You have lost our respect -
and if graded, you'd certainly fail.
We know you'll be whining
when you start resigning
and we throw your buttocks in jail.

If not behind bars
we will ship you to mars -
for your cesspool-ing policies stink.
Good morals are rarer -
the 'Fair Tax' is fairer -
and now you shall soon be extinct.

The "Fair Tax"

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 27, 2013

As Breezes Blow 6-27-13

As breezes blow us out in drove,
we utter, flutter through the grove.
But smile among God's treasure trove!
Lightning flashes plunder under
clouds as thunder comes asunder!
God's creation has me wonder...

The pounding showers seem to cower -
devouring this fragile flower.
God's creation, massive power!

And don't forget as sunsets hit -
more storm clouds threaten as of yet.
God's creation, sopping wet.

The darkness heightens, but thereafter
sunlight brightens morning after -
as God creates a child's laughter!

The bud, the rose, the bloom of it -
then growth again, should He permit.
God's creation - so exquisite!

And from it all, great waterfalls.
Still I crawl.  My stature stalls -
as all of God's creation calls...

from two dead logs which laid across,
together nailed to form a cross.
Creation's gain brought Heaven's loss.

But garden rose of deep maroon
with monarch's flutter from cocoon -
sees virgin birth returning soon!

Oh, how all nature seems to shout,
"We tell you what it's all about!"
Creation lives - without a doubt!

Should I have known this all along?
Now tell me, "Where do I belong?"
Creation prays for Heaven's song!

And choreographed, they wave in wind -
two willows whisper standing twinned.
God's creation without end.

The nations' notions have accrued -
turned up-side-down, this world skewed.
Ever endeavor servitude.

Am I sincere and persevere
or rather simple breezes fear -
through year and year and year and year?

While every nation brings taxation -
God through faith, brings grace, salvation!
Praise Him! Sanctification!!
As breezes blow us out in drove,
we utter, flutter through the grove -
but smile among God's treasure trove!

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 25, 2013

Dad's Guitar 6-25-13

Oh, I still hear them from afar -
the strumming strings of dad's guitar.
I reminisce, my memory looms,
as I recall those Gospel tunes.

Respecting others was the rule
each week before our Sunday School
when all the children gathered 'round,
where love for God was always found.

The songs were simple, undisguised.
The children had them memorized.
With message certain, "Do not sin"
the many voices chimed right in.

The little children, guests unnamed,
all sang with voices unashamed.
They sang with all their hearts' desire
with love that raged as spreading fire.

Their simple passion met my ears
and turned emotions into tears.
Though sometimes dad would sing alone,
their smiling faces always shone.

So blessed we were to see the joy,
on every little girl and boy.
Approval came from pastor's nod
as every soul had praised our God.

I reminisce, my memory looms,
as I recall those Gospel tunes.
And I still hear them from afar -
the strumming strings of dad's guitar.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 12, 2013

God's Garden Blooms! 6-12-13

My flower bed had been prepared...
With sacrificing toil -
I'd cultivated, fertilized
the rich, organic soil.
Surrounded by a picket fence,
(a short one painted white) -
it seemed to frame a picture that
was sure a pretty sight.

But absent, garden's bloom.

Though warmth came with the sunshine
and moisture with the rain -
and though I pulled out every weed,
my work was all in vain.
Now why were my vast working hours
I knew were loving deeds,
all proving to be futile -
without mere flower seeds?

Where was the garden's bloom?

"For God so loved the world, that
He gave His only Son..."
The time was past to plant the seed
to see a job well-done.
So flawless is my garden now
with seeds set in the ground -
but faith must wait for grace to touch
the heart until He's found.

Await the gardens bloom...

Then when I least expect results
I see some little sprouts -
that grow from living water as
mere souls begin to shout.
Nights' dark and patient hours end.
The day brings joyous light.
The days have grown His blessings vast -
with souls so vibrant, bright!

Now watch God's garden bloom!

From children, teens and fathers,
from grandma's faithful heart -
from every corner of the earth
watch great compassion start!
For every blooming flower proves
that grace and faith survive,
that Jesus lives within our hearts -
that God is still alive!

And oh, my soul blooms!

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


June 7, 2013

One Final Tear 6-7-13

The heart determines how they flow -
and why they come so fast -
as tears pour down in numbers from
the first to very last.

Long tears were streaming down my face -
for something bad occurred.
And though I focused on my pain -
a distant cry I heard.

Since Eden's lovely garden time,
no tear could so convey,
a love that reached all pinnacles,
as one from Jesus' day.

I sit and ponder now and then
behind my tears until -
I must accept that God knows best -
and understands me still.

Yes, Jesus knows my sorrows and -
He knows my every fear.
He knows my every burden and -
He knows my every tear.

I wonder then, of all the tears,
which rids me of my grief?
And which tear holds the answer to
my comfort, peace, relief?

Before His death, His tears were great.
He loved me through those nails...
And then one final tear was shed -
for Jesus never fails.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED