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June 7, 2013

One Final Tear 6-7-13

The heart determines how they flow -
and why they come so fast -
as tears pour down in numbers from
the first to very last.

Long tears were streaming down my face -
for something bad occurred.
And though I focused on my pain -
a distant cry I heard.

Since Eden's lovely garden time,
no tear could so convey,
a love that reached all pinnacles,
as one from Jesus' day.

I sit and ponder now and then
behind my tears until -
I must accept that God knows best -
and understands me still.

Yes, Jesus knows my sorrows and -
He knows my every fear.
He knows my every burden and -
He knows my every tear.

I wonder then, of all the tears,
which rids me of my grief?
And which tear holds the answer to
my comfort, peace, relief?

Before His death, His tears were great.
He loved me through those nails...
And then one final tear was shed -
for Jesus never fails.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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