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June 27, 2013

As Breezes Blow 6-27-13

As breezes blow us out in drove,
we utter, flutter through the grove.
But smile among God's treasure trove!
Lightning flashes plunder under
clouds as thunder comes asunder!
God's creation has me wonder...

The pounding showers seem to cower -
devouring this fragile flower.
God's creation, massive power!

And don't forget as sunsets hit -
more storm clouds threaten as of yet.
God's creation, sopping wet.

The darkness heightens, but thereafter
sunlight brightens morning after -
as God creates a child's laughter!

The bud, the rose, the bloom of it -
then growth again, should He permit.
God's creation - so exquisite!

And from it all, great waterfalls.
Still I crawl.  My stature stalls -
as all of God's creation calls...

from two dead logs which laid across,
together nailed to form a cross.
Creation's gain brought Heaven's loss.

But garden rose of deep maroon
with monarch's flutter from cocoon -
sees virgin birth returning soon!

Oh, how all nature seems to shout,
"We tell you what it's all about!"
Creation lives - without a doubt!

Should I have known this all along?
Now tell me, "Where do I belong?"
Creation prays for Heaven's song!

And choreographed, they wave in wind -
two willows whisper standing twinned.
God's creation without end.

The nations' notions have accrued -
turned up-side-down, this world skewed.
Ever endeavor servitude.

Am I sincere and persevere
or rather simple breezes fear -
through year and year and year and year?

While every nation brings taxation -
God through faith, brings grace, salvation!
Praise Him! Sanctification!!
As breezes blow us out in drove,
we utter, flutter through the grove -
but smile among God's treasure trove!

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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