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June 28, 2013

Dear IRS 6-28-13

Dear IRS:

It doesn't make sense
proving our innocence.
We're sorry for all of this fuss...
but how does it feel
pushed back on your heels -
like you've done to most all of us?

You can't get a handle
on criminal scandals.
The rules you break are your own.
Your head's in a fog.
You live 'high on the hog' -
while our children are chewing the bone.

Now who can control
all you arrogant souls?
You hide behind bulletproof glass.
You've wasted our money
and you think it's funny -
but this time you won't get a pass.

The truth you will shift
as you're 'pleading the fifth'.
Your actions stink worse than a sewer.
Your laughable lies
are now spreading like flies -
in a barnyard that's full of manure.

You trade each, your praises,
then give yourselves raises -
and now you're paid more than before!
You claim you are sorry
but sip on your chablis -
then ask for a billion bucks more!

Your image, you've wrecked.
You have lost our respect -
and if graded, you'd certainly fail.
We know you'll be whining
when you start resigning
and we throw your buttocks in jail.

If not behind bars
we will ship you to mars -
for your cesspool-ing policies stink.
Good morals are rarer -
the 'Fair Tax' is fairer -
and now you shall soon be extinct.

The "Fair Tax"

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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