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March 5, 2015

Wish the Fish 03 (contentment) 3-5-15

ONCE upon a splashing time
a little fish wished he could rhyme.
But 'Wish the Fish' lived in the sea
and brought so much calamity.
Wish wasn't mean and wasn't bad -
but wanted things that others' had.
So Wish the Fish was not content
but had no money.  Not one cent.

And to his mother, he would fuss.
His friend's things made him envious.
Content, he wasn't, (without toys).
He longed to be "one of the boys"

Now his best friend was 'Big Mouth Bass'
He bragged a lot and he was crass.
And Wish the Fish was very sad
when he saw what his best friend had.

So then Wish asked of his best friend,
"Could you, to me, some money lend?"
How Wish's eyes got larger when
his friend pulled out a big green 'ten'.

But after getting his new game,
our Wish the Fish was not the same.
He told his mom it was routine
to stare at a computer screen.

Mom said one day, "Go pay it back
or I'll unplug the power pack."
But after working many times,
Wish only made a mere two dimes.

"Nine dollars, eighty cents to go."
Wish learned a lesson most don't know -
that money, on trees, doesn't grow.
It's wrong to borrow lots of dough.

Our 'wants' will always make demand.
Wish learned that very lesson and
confessed he did, then repented,
paid it back, became contented.
The moral of this poem's great,
if this whole world would love, not hate

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Wish the Fish (introduced in story 01)
Big Mouth Bass (introduced in story 03)

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