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March 20, 2015

Pelicans to Parasols 3-20-15

A young and pretty girl sat
with elegance and grace,
pretending to be drinking tea
in soft pink bows and lace.

Her left hand held a parasol.
Her right hand held her tea -
when gust of wind had come along
and parasol flew free.

It's light and fragile beauty soared
along with ocean breeze -
drew notice of two pelicans
above the rippled seas.

She jumped up from her plastic chair
quite shocked at what occurred.
As wind gusts blew, it skipped along.
She chased it undeterred.

The pelicans cared not a whit
to parasol she sought.
Important though, her mission was,
that parasol be caught.

Her footprints in the pure white sand
had evidenced her will,
to catch that treasured parasol
that she was chasing still.
I wonder - do we race through life
for something temporal -
on our lone life's long endless beach,
chasing something futile?

I wonder - have we failed to see
our true priority -
at banquet table with our God
and His thirst-quenching tea?

Temptation's winds deceive us to
our pretty parasols.
Are we so busy chasing them
we're deaf when Jesus calls?

Past pelicans to parasols,
we chase for things we strive.
But woe to those of us who are -
when death and Christ arrive.

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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