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April 13, 2006

The TRUTH 4-13-06

What's a simple, solid truth?
Is it something not so real,
because it doesn't fit our wishes -
just isn't how we feel?

If it's something in the past,
not necessarily cast in stone -
then we all can make it live
and say Columbus came alone...

If it's only what we want
and the truth is but a quiz -
then wars will be increasing
as we lack what truly is....

Truth eludes the greatest men
to them that know their goal -
if it isn't what they wanted,
they will take another poll.

And if, indeed, truth changes -
then black is same as whites;
and we'd toss and turn for hours
with shallow, sleepless nights.

"Two wrongs don't make a right"
it was said so long ago.
And truth will hurt a whole lot more
when we say it isn't so.

The truth is very special.
It's not for us to claim -
so don't strut around parading
letting others take the blame.

The truth is very simple
but we must be on guard -
and as much as we can want it,
thirty inches makes no yard.

The truth is all but buried
in this world of selfish woe -
so is money our new friend
as our friends become our foe?

Now let me summarize this all.
The truth shall never die.
Its there to be discovered
and will surface by and by.

To be honest with ourselves,
the whole world must confess -
truth is truth and that is all,
nothing more and nothing less.

©2006 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED