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January 31, 2013

I Wander Yonder 1-31-13

I wander yonder over hills where those before me trod -
though aimlessly through wants and needs, yet find it somewhat odd.

I wander yonder guessing so and pay a heavy price -
by following some friends I have and words of ill-advice.

I wander yonder through my life and laugh along the way -
deceiving self, believing I am happy every day.

I wander yonder up until the day I get so old -
a speck of truth will be revealed that I had not been told.

I wander yonder 'til the time that I begin to ponder -
about God's good and loving Son, so full of grace and wonder.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. I always love your writings - painted word pictures in the palettes of our minds...

  2. Louie
    Thank God that He is all truth, even though we do not always see His truth. Great poem. Hope people see the importance of God's constant truth.

  3. I guess quite a few of us wandered for many years before finding the way to heaven. God bless. Tom. (SharingGospelSongs)


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