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June 21, 2009

A Child's Prayer 6-21-09

I saw a little girl reaching up for her mothers hand.
All the little girl wanted was a little love and comfort.
I began to ponder the little girls thoughts....

I woke right up this morning but
my mommy wasn't there.
The sun was shining brightly though,
so knew my mommy cared.
I pulled off my pajamas,
put on my favorite dress,
went down to find my mommy and,
with many hopes, impress.

Though she was drinking coffee,
with phone up to her ear -
I said, "Good morning mommy!
I'm very glad you're here."
I must have interrupted her.
I guess she didn't hear,
so I mouthed the words, "I love You"
- tried hard to whisper clear.

I made myself some cereal
as I, each morning, do.
Some say she doesn't love me but,
I know it isn't true.
When finished with my breakfast,
I thought I heard her scoff -
but put the dishes in the sink
and cleared the table off.

Then later on that morning
while going into town -
the radio had blared as if,
I was not around.
While in the mall together,
I reached up for her hand.
I guess she didn't see it or
she didn't understand.

Later, in my room alone -
(just my doll and me)
I heard her call for dinner with
a book and her TV.
The microwave had sounded,
while she sat on the couch.
She didn't ever smile much,
but she was not a grouch.

Tonight, here on my bed I am,
and laying on my back,
some tears are rolling down my cheeks -
my mom's a bit off-track.
So a little prayer I whisper,
(eyes covered with each palm).
I say a prayer to Jesus then -
I thank Him for my mom.

"Jesus, mommy loves me -
no matter what You see.
  She gives me everything I need.
 Please Jesus, just agree ."

 "Mommy is so short of time -
 in circles, she gets dizzy -
so if you get a chance, dear Lord -
please help her.  She's so busy.

"She's working very hard, you know -
such little time, has she.
I know, if she was here right now -
she'd dry these tears for me.

"So Jesus, don't be angry.
I love her quite a lot.
  Please help her with her troubles 'cause,
 my mom is all I've got."

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. What a beautiful job! I loooove this one Lewis.
    It really gets to the heart. It made me cry. A+

  2. the poem is really great...... that was a wonderful job that u did :)

  3. wow what a piece. Am touched to the core. God bless u.


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