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July 4, 2013

Greater Blizzards Blow 7-4-13

Great men, great men, will always be -
and have since long ago -
as God creates the blizzards
and settles all the snow.

Great men, great men, exalt yourselves.
You win, again, again.
You've purchased by the hour -
the lives of poorer men.

Great men, great men, indulge yourselves.
You've built your castles high!
Immerse yourselves in glory as
your lesser peasants cry.

Great men, great men, reward yourselves.
Ride in your limousines.
Vacation in your travels far
and greet both kings and queens.

Great men, great men, applaud yourselves
in all that you may do -
with parties and exquisite gifts
so we're impressed with you.

Great men, great men, do you deserve
the best life has to give?
Should all your servants pamper you?
Will all your rivals live?

Great men, you may extol yourselves
but Christ's blood shall not stop...
And all the money in the world
won't buy a single drop.

And all great men will be known then,
when every servant prays...
"Forgive them Father.  They know not
the snow upon their graves."

So very quickly great men pass.
God's greater blizzards blow.
And where God sends the great man's soul,
eternity will know.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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