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May 30, 2009

I'm Rich! 5-30-09

I feel your pain, I do declare,
I know life isn't fair.
You work hard and sacrifice -
I know you've paid the higher price.

I cry for you, and say a prayer.
I know life isn't fair.
You still run in circles and
will never, ever understand.

I feel for you. You're in despair.
I know life isn't fair.
You're poor beyond all measure -
but listen closely, there's a cure.

You're bound to gold, yet unaware.
You're lost - yet in my prayer.
It seems you can't let go of -
an idol which - can never love.

But God so loved - and told us so,
If we choose Him, we'll never owe.
I have all my hearts desires -
while you'll be poor when life expires.

The first is last - so don't succumb,
for rich reward is God's Kingdom.
Don't be a slave to futile greed -
but I am His - and rich indeed.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. God Bless you today and always, I love this poem, it is so true to how many feel when faced with materealizm. I am older and have just figured it out and Thank God I have, this earth is a journey not a destination. Have a great Sunday,after reading this and doing my own post I am seeing the sun.

  2. Louis, We are very RICH! Our home in heaven awaits us. Not only that but we are sooo loved. Don't cry for me... I have Christ. It don't get any richer. There's nothing more valuable than Jesus in your heart. YaaY! Louis,
    Wonderful. ~ Susan

  3. Praise God for this poem... God bless you.. Keep on writing poems that inspire people... Especially to God be the glory! Amen! You're gifted and this website is a blessing from Him. Thank you for sharing, Louis


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