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May 12, 2009

Hope Soap! 5-12-09


Bad hope?
Good hope?

What is hope?
And why hope?

Is hope for real?
Do hope we feel?

Is hoping smarter?
Does hope now differ?

When can we begin to cope?
When do we have real hope?

Hope for a reason?
Hope for a season?

Where is true hope?
What good is hope?

What's true hope?
Who's for hope?

Great hope?
Real hope?


If nothing here is going wrong,
when everything is going strong -
Where's hope?

And if our days are so a'hurtin',
because in sin we are a'flirtin',
Where's hope?

Through streets, the serpent pulls and drags
as we become his filthy rags,
Where's hope?

And if, without humility
we know ourselves we can't cut free,
Where's hope?

We seek above the clouds for aid -
without repentence we still prayed,
Where's hope?

Faith in works does not suffice
but rather Christ who paid the price,
There's hope!

Grace can't clean unless we choose
faith in 'salvations soap' we use.
Hope Soap!

©2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. I love this poem about hope, I try to keep my hope everyday.
    Great poems.


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