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May 19, 2009

Liars & Crosses 5-19-09

(house of cards)

When liars write their legal laws,
and push agendas high -
then pull the rug from under us,
what all does this imply?

When everyone's against us and
when laws ignore the lies -
and when we've been convicted, then
what can we all surmise?

It doesn't pay to play by rules?
It doesn't pay to fight?
It doesn't pay to honor truth?
Assume their 'wrongs' are 'right'?

The liars and deceivers all
can build their castles high -
but it won't take them very long
to topple from the sky.

Governments shall come and go
as this one surely will -
for lies cannot be building blocks
for laws up on 'the Hill'.

Now I was lied to - this is true,
so many, many times -
by bureaucrats in government
convicted of no crimes.

What happens when the liars then,
in government have risen?
You can bet we honest folk, will
rot away in prison!

Deceptive tongues and lying lips
shoot off from gnashing jaws -
but our clear eyes must peer above
their superficial laws.

My only consolation here
that's true and always free -
is this:  that God's no liar and
He sent His Son for me.

Consistent are His promises,
(as gravity and time) -
but all dead words from mortal man
aren't worth a blessed dime.

Know always that we're not alone
for God still loves us so.
Faith owns the straight and narrow and
to Heaven we will go.

For Jesus wore our very shoes
those many years ago -
and did not only drag His cross
...but carried ours also.

2009 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. I loved it and often feel my soul hurting due to the problems we face and no one seems to understand it. But God will prevail and there and only there is where my soul draws strenght. God Bless you and your loved ones.


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