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April 5, 2013

Just His Guest 4-5-13

I sit a'spell and ponder 'bout,
creation at its best -
and savor life each minute knowing
I am just His guest...

And frolicking, those two fawns did, near green, dense forest brush -
just playing in ecstatic glee.  I laid low, quiet, hushed...

A bubbling brook meandered past one little playful twin -
and slipped down over smooth washed stones in sheets most paper thin.

So quietly I watched them play, as mother doe stood still.
She guided them and peered around as only mothers will.

And grandly standing on the knoll, a rigid eight point buck.
He stood as if a statue there, as if his feet were stuck.

A squirrel scampered up a tree.  The twins both took a drink.
The mother doe stepped closer and- this whole view made me think.

I pondered God's creation.  Such beauty man can see -
of peace and true tranquility...  but then a "BOOM!" shook me.

CRACK!!  That bang had echoed- still echoes in my head.
The eight point buck, with startled jerk, had lurched and then fell dead.

How quickly things can happen- and in our lives as well -
when we could end up just like that- in Heaven or in Hell.

Though He had loved and only healed and gave us full increase,
some couldn't 'stomach' long ago, this Man of grace and peace.

We kill to have our stomach filled, indifferent for the loss.
This fateful time man killed with gun- but former time, a cross.

Those creatures scattered with that shot and I saw not a trace.
The eight point buck gave all he had- but Jesus, life and grace.

I sit a 'spell and ponder 'bout
creation at its best -
and savor life each minute knowing
I am just His guest...

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. this poem is beautiful louis, and i was picturing every word as i read it. i hat the fact that men are often times so full of themselves that they feel Superior to God's gifts, such as a buck they want to mount their racks on their garage wall. when families have no food, i can understand, but i do not believe that is the norm for this offense on God's creatures. funny-these same men would cower in fear if the barrel of a shotgun was pointed at them!


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