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April 1, 2013

A Leaf 4-1-13

I was a leaf with no relief
from stiff and blowing winds -
and twisted taut was cruelly fought
with all their greedy sins.
I set my sights on city lights
but life was in their hands.
I held on tight with all my might -
but they had killed my plans.

Still, all went good- as well, it should
until I met my match -
when roared and churned the gusts had turned.
I twisted and detached.
But oh, alas!  It came to pass
that it was not of me!
With legal tools, they changed the rules -
then yanked me from that tree.

Unlike a play, the truth did say,
I soared right through the air.
I did not know where I would go,
but, oh indeed, did care.
Now judged from those with pointed nose
who see me from afar -
they claim I failed because I'd sailed
with breezy winds that are.

Let those who judge and do not budge
be sentenced not this way -
but may the suns burn greedy ones
forever and a day...
They do not care I'm flying where
no leaf has gone before
and so I go where ill winds blow
but not forevermore.

I'll settle down on clover ground
on soft caressing lawn -
that's so serene by pastures green
where few have ever gone.
It's Heaven's sod.  For only God
knows everywhere I've blown.
And He employs the greatest joys
this world has ever known.

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



  1. Oh, I am always enthralled by your poems! This one is perfect for April first.... HE IS RISEN!!! Thanks Louis.

  2. beautiful, and good food for thought louis!

  3. beautiful louis, and much food for thought.
    i have trouble with the robot thing, but i'll try again:)


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