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May 6, 2014

Pile Of Leaves 5-6-14

Our knowledge grew but wisdom knew
a massive pile of leaves.
Wind kicked them high.  We watched them fly
on God's stiff autumn breeze.
Without a care they danced up there.
If each one was a letter,
they'd flock like birds creating words
while God put them together.

If words were formed would hearts be warmed
or ruin all our plans?
Are we so smart we'd fall apart
and then make our demands?
Oh, have not we, humility
and other Godly traits?
Please give us peace as burdens cease -
for patience always waits.

Not one's shoving.  Leaves are loving.
They begin this phrase.
"Your disbelief in every leaf
cannot give God the praise!"
Yes, it'd be weird if words appeared
and we'd not have to guess.
But notice there, a simple prayer
that goes something like this:

"Savior Jesus, please don't give us
everything we want.
This world brings so many things -
those things we only flaunt.
So we'll be true to only You
and have no other 'gods'.
Then You may ease our temper please,
so we won't be at odds."

If we can't learn and can't discern,
restrain us then in fetters.
Please underline, bold font is fine -
and then enlarge the letters.
Our knowledge grows - but wisdom knows
a massive pile of leaves.
Wind kicks them high.  We watch them fly
on God's stiff autumn breeze.

©2014 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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  1. Dear Louis, This poem reminds me so, much of my husband and how He loves the fall autumn leaves in the trees, colors of red, orange, yellow and brown...It's so true in what you say, to be thankful that God does not give us everything we pray for because we may not know where it leads to...Thank you, for sharing this beautiful poem full of wisdom along with God's awesome love for each of us...God Bless, Cinda


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