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September 15, 2013

Morning Light 9-15-13

From ancient times, the church bells chimed
to open up our eyes,
with predawn light from Heaven's might,
to bold and brighter skies.

Above the crops and mountain tops
and score of evergreen -
this fleeting night sees hints of light -
though sun is not yet seen.

On baby blue an amber hue
now glows on fringe of clouds.
So few will glean this wondrous scene
throughout earth's massive crowds.

And here, in flaw, I stand in awe
as I stretch high my hands!
I want to touch - I do, so much -
but life has such demands.

I need some clothes, yet glad for those
who need be highly viewed -
and scarcely live that I might give
so others have some food.

My insides ache, for goodness sake,
for those who have to cope.
Oh, there's no gain from earthly pain
for those who have no hope.

I never knew what I could do -
for I am just a man.
But it's not strange that God can change
the heart that He began.

So now today, I see a ray
as clouds bright edges glisten.
A still, small voice is still the choice
if only we would listen.

Through fervent tears, beyond my years,
I see the birds are singing.
I harmonize now ears and eyes
as church bells keep on ringing.

From ancient times, the church bells chimed
to bold and brighter skies.
Now morning light from Heaven's might,
has opened up my eyes...

©2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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