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October 18, 2008

Futility 10-18-08

is a cry unheard -
or a star unseen.

is a dictionary never opened -
or eyes that cannot read.

is a termite encased in a metal box -
or seeds, in a sealed package, never planted.

is the worlds most beautiful flower in a forest unseen -
or a forest with no beautiful flowers.

is the greatest sermon preached - to an empty room -
or a room full of bodies that a sermon doesn't move.

is a microphone unplugged -
or headphones on deaf ears.

is a world of envy -
or a state of hate.

is deceptiive love -
or worthless riches.

is kissing a toad -
or hugging a flag pole.

is outside a fancy door, doing nothing -
or opening the biggest door to nowhere.

is the hardest worker, with no understanding -
or the greatest mind in a body never worked.

is a hole dug - just before caving back in -
or the greatest, tallest mountain of debt.

is a king without his subjects -
or subjects without their king.

is having been given an unusable brain -
or given a mind which is thoughtless.

It's doom, agony, despair, life without purpose -
It's fruitless, full of pain and hopelessness.

It's sin, the absence of appreciation -
It’s lacking thankfulness for every blessing.

It's death on a cross without sufficient grace -
It’s the great deceptive arrogance of 'works' by man.

It comes in many shapes and sizes -
It thrives like a stubborn weed - when faith is weak.

It's life without faith in the almighty God -
or lifelessness without His grace, under cold sod.

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