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August 13, 2015

Li'l Puff 8-13-15

Now Li'l Puff was kind of sad.
He looked up at his giant dad,
"Oh, why am I a little cloud
but you are big and thunder loud?

"Your lightning flashes 'cross the sky
but I can't do it when I try...
And also, when you rain, you pour!
I try and try but can't rain more..."

So once again he tried so hard
to rain down drops upon a yard.
He thought he let down God and Heav'n
when counted, he, but ninety-seven.

The sod was turning gray and brown
and plants were dying all around.
Will ninety-seven drops of rain
still keep alive what does remain?

Then mom spoke up and said, "Dear son,
God wouldn't care if you had none.
He knows if you have done your best.
Be humble and He'll do the rest."

But Li'l Puff, not satisfied,
had drooped his head and cried and cried.
He wanted to be just like dad,
but he was small.  It made him sad.

So Li'l Puff had had enough.
He packed his toys and other stuff.
He ran away for life anew -
to be some ice, or maybe dew.

Descending down upon a log
our Li'l Puff became a fog.
For quite some time he rested there,
without a hope, without a care.

Sometimes he'd cry, sometimes he'd sigh.
Two long and lonely weeks went by...
Then suddenly, out of the blue,
he heard a voice from little 'Sue'.

Excitedly, she called her mom -
then called her dad and brother Tom.
"My brand new plant has bloomed a rose!'
It's fragrance touched her little nose.

While Li'l Puff was still in gloom -
what caused that little rose to bloom?
Though sometimes we have not a clue -
those ninety-seven raindrops knew.

We might not see a pretty rose
from poems that we might compose,
but God creates.  Yes, He does still.
Just be content to do His will.

©2015 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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