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August 6, 2015

Problems Bigger Than Mine? 8-6-15

"Whose problems are bigger than mine?" asked I,
Whose problems are bigger than mine?"
Oh, who can solve problems that cannot be solved
when the world is in such decline?
A flood of deep emotions came
as I washed out to sea.
And drifted off, was everything
that I'll no longer see.

My business assets disappeared
behind those foamy waves.
My friends and fam'ly taken too,
my parents pushed in graves.

I clenched my fists while tears spilled out.
I swung them through thin air -
above the oceans of my tears -
for no one seemed to care.

I screamed in savage anger as
I watched those waters churn.
Depressed, I was, for all those years,
not knowing where to turn.

Who could begin to take my place
and not be temperamental?
Problems, financial and physical too,
so mentally monumental!

My life had fallen all apart.
I was a total loss,
...but then, I learned another One
was nailed to a cross!
"Whose problems were bigger than mine?" asked I,
Whose problems were bigger than mine?"
Oh, who solved the problems that could't be solved
when the world was in such decline?

©2015 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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