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October 6, 2013

Bridge, The 10-6-13

A hungry crow soars high above where wicked winds doth blow
to see if there will be some scraps of tasty food below.
Our train is flying down the tracks.  On 'hope' and 'change', we go.
The bridge between the mountain's out, (but no one's in-the-know).

We're asked, while on our merry way, to pay what others owe -
in premiums.  Obamacare, it's good for 'so and so'.
Will we be forced to pay for it?  Will they take all our dough?
And soon extinct - 'good healthcare' gone - a thing of long ago.

The engineer had parts delayed, attempting to forego
a sure disaster for his friends, while doctors are in woe.
They scatter from their practices as lines for healthcare show.
We ask, "Oh, please negotiate" -but engineer screams, "No!

"Just shut down everything we have, from seas to rivers' flow,
from monuments for veterans to where sequoias grow!
Then shut down everything we do - except still stomp the toes
of all who disagree with me and hosts of their talk shows!"

Exemptions paid off union shops but no, not "plumber Joe" -
who rides with all us passengers and sees that starving crow -
which soars the highest mountain tops - peers canyon floor below.
As train is flying down the tracks, what halts a big ego?

2013 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Where's the incentive to be responsible- if it's acceptable to be irresponsible?
Where's the incentive to save money- if others are required to pay our bills?
Where's the incentive to love others- if it's all about loving ourselves?
Where's the incentive to help others- if it's just all about us?
A soul, once dead, is not always lost -
but a Nation, once lost, is forever dead.
Ask Rome.

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